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  1. targ58

    Work safe

    i see no dog where are you gettibg these pics from
  2. we will look in to that thanks what is your conputer specs please also wait till ccleaner2.0 is out might fix your problems cheers targ58
  3. norton is no good takes up to much memory andcosts more never use unless got 4 gig mem
  4. targ58

    Weird Animal

    NO Its my Grandma
  5. good little program but i will not pay for it
  6. targ58

    Weird Animal

    thats is real sad
  7. avg anti virus lavasoft se 1.6r windows firewallsuperantispyware installed now
  8. targ58


    i have a 64 bit cpu and i use windows home 32 bit 64 bit os are no good to me no programs work with it
  9. yeah thats correct hazel its weird stuff these days
  10. good to hear worth a try though
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