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    Thanks. I am looking foward to it. BTW, has recent application list disablility caused by CCleaner in WinVista issue been fixed? my bug report regarding it here: http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=7956 Just wondering.
  2. While I do enjoy using CCleaner v1.35.424, there is one serious issue when using under WinVista x64. When CCleaner is ran for the first time, it deletes all application shortcuts in recent application list in Windows Vista x64. So far so good. However, ever since, application shortcuts in recent program never appears back again after programs are ran, although 'Store and display a list of recently opened programs' is enabled in Taskbar and Star Menu Properties. I enabled all options in 'Cleaner Settings' of CCleaner except 'Last Download Location' under IE, 'Clipboard' under System, and 'Hotfix Uninstallers' in Advanced. Thank you. Sang
  3. I believe Windows XP x64 edition is officially released. Beta testing of Windows XP x64 edition was done in last April.
  4. I have also tried on WinXP x64 with 4GB ram, but CCleaner shows I have 0GB RAM I didn't take the screenshot since I quickly reinstalled WinXP 32-bit. Anyways, will it be fiexed in next release? Thanks. SAng
  5. The new version has been release to those who have donated previously.
  6. While I was using CCleaner, I found that CCleaner didn't recognize the size of system RAM correctly. System Properties show that I have 2.75GB of RAM, but CCleaner says only 2.0GB. Both CCleaner 1.20 and recently released 1.21 on my system have the same problems. I understand that this doesn't affect anything, but still it's a bug. :-)
  7. Hi, I am not speaking those language, but in case you want Korean translation, I am more than happy to help you.
  8. Wow... Can't wait. :-) Thanks as always.
  9. Taran, Thanks for the quick answer. :-) I understand that Windows Pro x64 supports 32bit apps as well as 64bit ones. I have no doubt that CCleaner will not run on Windows XP Pro x64 Edition. What my question is if it's safe to run CCleaner's "Issue Scan & Fix" feature. Considering the fact that "Issue Scan & Fix" deal with the system registry, I am not so sure if it's safe to run, since there are Registry difference between 32bit Windows XP and 64bit Windows XP. Another thing is that Windows XP Pro x64 doesn't allow 32bit apps to touch system folders. I am not sure if CCleaner deals with system folders or not, but if it does, it may be a problem. Did anyone actually tried it on Windows XP Pro x64 Edition? Thanks. Sang
  10. Hi, I am thinking about upgrading my system to Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. So I am wondering if anyone has experience with CCleaner running on WinXP x64. I understand that are some registry changes made in x64 version of Windows XP, and this worries me for CCleaner not being compatible. Does anyone know? Thanks. Sang
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