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  1. i downloaded 1.09 hopefully that my recurring errors with all versions past 1.01 were getting better - not the case - exact opposite in fact - i tried this version and it found virtually no files (1 desktop.ini file) deleted (it ignored pretty much ALL of the other deletes!?) - i then ran old trusty if slow (and far from perfect) 1.01 and it found the far more accurate 118, 289 files tweaks to upload size limits in this forum disallow me from also posting a jpg from the 1.01 (not sure why - just makes it harder to help the cause), so you'll have to just trust me on what 1.01 fo
  2. problems again - unfortunately back to square 1 (aka v1.01) so as before, i wanted to undelete some mpg files - i fired up 1.06 and it found one of them and said excellent - i hit recover and iin a few quick seconds, it reported back the old (and obviously erroneous) message: "0 files recovered in .00023 secs or some such (no more jpg pic uploads due to new very small upload file size limit) - and as before, no error log generated (it thought it was successful and apparently doesn't know that 0 files recovered is a failure) i then fired up trusty v1.01 and in about 10 minutes it chur
  3. congrats! briefly tested 1.06.132 against the old standby favorite 1.01.069 both found the same number of files and as before, while the 1.06 listed some as poorly recoverable, 1.01 said they were excellent- but THIS time, instead of 1.01 being right, 1.06 was right - the mpg file wouldn't play from either recovery i would have posted the jpgs results i made - but at 140kb each, apparently they exceeded some new and very smaller forum limit of 130.61kb anyway, the new recuva is now working better than v1.01, so i am graduating to v1.06 for all my first attemp
  4. Hi MrRon I would have responded in PM, but PM doesn't support file (jpg) upload, which tells the story more clearly: 1.06 is faster (than my prefered 1.01) and less resource intensive, but was inaccurate in its file status assessment (excellent vs poor/overwritten), the date of the file and in the number of files that 1.06 determined it recovered (it determined 2 - but only recovered 1): the two recovered files both played perfectly, and were identical in MD5 and SHA-1 hashes (as well as identical in a complete binary comparison) but at least 1.06
  5. as before, you might try an earlier version of recuva, as earlier versions seem to work better in many ways for some people than the newer versions earlier versions can be found here: http://filehippo.com/download_recuva/ http://www.filevolution.com/recuva/ ...1.01 works best (does full recovery with no errors) for me
  6. you might try an earlier version of recuva, as earlier versions seem to work better in many ways for some people than the newer versions earlier versions can be found here: http://filehippo.com/download_recuva/ http://www.filevolution.com/recuva/
  7. i tried the new version as well - and while i do NOT show any difference in # of files the different versions i have reports, i still have my previously reported errors in the newer versions the 2 most recent versions find all files, but can't recover them: the older v101 finds same number of files and DOES recover them: note that the newer versions are getting faster finding files, if they can just figure out how to get them to recover, they wll be great - in the meantime, i'll need to stay with the earlier version outstanding product though (e
  8. correction, the initial scan took about 4 minutes and the recuva took about 6 minutes - one thing i noticed though, the 101 version found the file i wanted to recover to be in an incorrect SUB folder of where it was actually deleted from, and not in the actual correct folder that it was deleted from - it still recovered it perfectly correctly though from that subfolder see attached jpg
  9. just wanted to report that i uninstalled the 103.100 final version and re-installed the rcsetup101.exe beta (thankfully i saved those install progs since earlier versions do not seem to be on available on the recuva website) and i ran the old version - it took much longer to search the drive and find deleted files (about 1 minute vs several seconds for the newer version) and then it recovered the file perfectly (in about 5 minutes for a 985MB file to be copied onto a different drive) thanks for a great product (version 101) and i hope that the new version gets the new bugs worked out!
  10. just checking in if you got my response and if there is maybe any solution pending? thx steve
  11. on several files (each one i have tried) and here is my PM response: ~~~~~~~~~~ thanks so i re-ran the scan with the new test 1.03.10 prog and had weird results - it showed all of my previously excellent recoverable files overwritten by a "bad cluster" - i thought that was unlikely, but decided to make a copy of a good file "MadMoney-594619-0.mpg" - and code it with XXX at front and end to be sure it was the same file - i deleted it from trash and then ran recuva - sure enough it showed it as also being overwritten by a bad cluster - (see attached recuva2.jpg)
  12. just to be sure (after 24 hours, 21 views and no replies) the issue described is a recuva software failure problem anyone else have this problem? anyone have any insights on a solution? thx s
  13. picture (attached) worth a thousand words - finds files in "excellent" state, but won't recover (multiple attempts) - recuva USED to work fine - not sure if recent upgrade is cause thx s
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