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  1. I did all of the above. Checking, Unchecking and rechecking the various boxes. The same thing happens, no counter and never finishes. I started in Safe Mode and it worked fine. The animated ribbon, a;beit a different one, did show 100% and stopped. The problem seems only to be the animated ribbon on top. It didn't find any more values, but on the same hand I did a thorough cleaning with another product,so I wasn't expecting to find anything else. I am not a novice. I was asked by someone up in the thread. "What is it I am trying to do?" I was only trying to make my computer run smoother b
  2. All this is good, I have now uninstalled MSE, Iobit Security Pro, turned off protection mode with AMW but none of this really helps my original problem, in that The Registry doe snot stop and only finds 6 or 7 erroneous registry entries while JV16T finds over 1100. I always preferred using CCleaner. It didn't even find all the stuff left over from uninstalling all of that.
  3. I will uninstall MSE, I've already uninstalled Iobit Security Pro. I'll get back to you to see if it helped. Thank you for wanting to help me.
  4. They have always worked in harmony before. I needed to add the last two to get rid of a virus which the others could not find. Security essentials, Iobit and MalwareBytes are meant to work alongside your existing programs/ What is it I am trying to do with Registry Cleaner? TRYING TO GET IT TO WORK PROPERLY AS IT IT IS MEANT TO.
  5. I have tried disabling all of them and the result is still the same.
  6. Webroot Spysweeper Avira Premium Microsoft Security Essentials Worked before with these installed Malwarebytes Anti Malware Iobit Security 360 Pro These two installed within 30 days They are all the most up to date versions.
  7. I thank you for the quick reply I unchecked all and tried them one at a time and in different combinations. It just keeps going and going, never a sign that it has completed with action bar just going. It used to say %100 at the top. Does it still do that?
  8. I have a problem with CCleaner. Every time I do a scan for registry items it shows 4 or 5 items almost immediately and then just keeps scanning, until I finally just stop it, with nothing else added, I never see %100 as with previous versions I've had. My CCleaner version is the latest. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium x64, with Intel i7-860, 2,8, dual quad core. Has anybody else had this problem before? If not is there a moderator who can help me? It would be a shame to have to uninstall this great little program in favor of another. Please Help. Gary
  9. I am running Win7 Home Premium, x64, Intel I7-860, Quad core, 2.8. I am able to tick and re-tick but I have not tried it. It is set to all the standard settings, as safe as possible for me. I will try as you suggest
  10. I noticed two versions ago, that the reg cleaner seems to never stop. i have the latest version, It used to say %100 and stooped with the final report which we could check, but no longer. I've left it run for quite a long time, twice what used to be normal. Is this a bug or did I miss something somewhere in the news. Please Help. I thank you for the interest.
  11. I am able to scan all drives excaept my hard disc. Is there a patch soewhere? Please help.
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