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  1. thanks for your reply. This could have wiped out my valued chat history. I wonder if there are other files that should be warned about that could be diaster for some people?? thanks brad
  2. I have gone through the whole beginers guide - but no anser to my question about the msn history files recorded. I just want to know if i'm going to loose my msn hinstory if i proceed with "Run Cleaner" ??? Brad
  3. Hi - just downloaded and installed CCleaner for the first time Ran the analyse button and received report on waht it found. There is a lot of /Temp/MessengerCache files listed. Are these my MSN message history files??? I don't want to loose my history files from msn chats. I thought that in the demo i was told that anything deleted would be able to be restored?? Is this correct so that if i run the cleaner and find my message history missing, I can restore everything?? thanks Brad
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