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  1. This post has been removed. We are not going to get into wars of any type here over software lookalikes. Hazelnut --------------- Topic also locked now. Andavari
  2. Try Spy Sweeper Consumer Cleanup Tool from here: http://www.freewaregeeks.com/index.php?pag...amp;category=59 I hope this will help.
  3. Please update the ''winapp'' from this : To this for Dreamweaver 8.0.2
  4. Snake oil, just stick with freeware apps.
  5. Thanks for the program! If you need more toolbars info just take a look at a similar (french) piece of software here: http://www.bibi26.power-heberg.com/jour/BT...xchangelog.html http://www.bibi26.power-heberg.com/jour/BT...changelog2.html
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