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  1. Thank you. I have browsed for info on quite a few occasions but did not register as I had no need to post. Well, I gave up and bought a Hewlet Packard HP 3970 Scanner for ?19.01 off eBay just now. It will also scan 35mm negs and slides which is handy as I promised my Mum I would convert the hundreds of slides my dad took. Mega project but it will please her if I put them on a DVD she can pop into her DVD player.
  2. Nothing relevant on the link you supplied. All devices are 100% OK. No yellow exclaimation showing marks anywhere. The scanner has been working fine for months and is in heavy daily use. My thoughts are a fault in the ribbon cable as the fault is in a static location/size. It could be caused as the cable flexes a specific section when the carriage moves. It only cost ?15 from eBay so a replacement might be the simplest option.
  3. Hi, I am looking for advice on what I see as a hardware issue with my HP Scanjet 2400C. It started today when I fired up my PC to scan. The fault appears to be a hardware issue as I fully un-installed EVERYTHING to do with the scanner. I even deleted all files/folders after a software removal then did a registry clean (Norton Windoctor) to ensure that all traces of software were removed. Both the scanner and PC were powered off/on followed by a re-install of the software. Drivers and software re-installed but the error is consistent. The error looks like this (full bed scan with the lid open as it shows the fault better than a White background) A closer look at the area Can anyone suggest either a solution or source of advice? Cheers, Paul. [Edit] The scanner sounds OK. When scanning the sound is normal with no noticeable variation in tone/pitch [/edit]
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