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  1. Many thanks for the prompt reply, MrRon. Yes, you're right - Recuva does pick up other USB external disks (I tried with an 80GB disk partitioned into 2 separate parts). Although Explorer recognises my USB key as "removable disk (X:)" (the letter X was allocated by me some time ago), under "properties" it indicates 0 bytes used and RAW file system. However, at the time of the crash (Windows blue screen caused by a conflict between wireless connections on my PC and on my portable) the 1GB key was formated as FAT32 and was over half full of all sorts of files. Unless you can think of any possible "tricks" I could try with Recuva, I'll just have to reformat the USB key and re-build the files from a copy made a couple of months ago....... kaspin
  2. It seems that Recuva recognises only local (?fixed) discs. However, I would like to be able to recover files on my USB key, which are wiped off if my PC stops abnormally. In fact, I get the message that the USB key needs reformatting, so presumably the registry or index is corrupted. Maybe Recuva wouldn't be able to help in this case, but I also have larger hard discs which connect through a USB connection and it would be nice to be able to use Recuva on these, if the need arises. Thanks for any help or advice.... Kaspin
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