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  1. Checked adobe box, now the cookies have gone,Many thanks. What are flash cookies.
  2. Hi ident, Using FF 3.6. browser is closed. BC
  3. Hello Forum, Cclean is not deleteing cookies after cleaning.Why is this. Badcompany.
  4. Hi ePost, I had never noticed Wipe Freespace before in CCleaner. Thanks. Badcompany.
  5. HELLO fORUM, Anyone used Webroot Window Washer recently, I used it about 3years ago but it was very heavy.I'm looking for something to clean the free space on my disks. Badcompany.
  6. Hi DennisD, Tried for 1 hr, in the end I Reinstalled FF. Back to normal. Its computer gremlins again. Badcompany.
  7. Hi Boys, Since deleteing the files I now can't add attachments screenshots etc in my forums.I click on attachments but it is dead.This is only a problem in FF. I have no problem IE & Google Chrome. Badcompany.
  8. Thanks for your help ident / DennisD. Deleting the files work perfectly.All extensions have updated. Badcompany.
  9. Hi DennisD, Ok, found all three files thanks.Will delete. Bc
  10. Hi ident, I could only find this: Badcompany
  11. Hello Forum, In Firefox extensions I can't update or uninstall any of the programs i have: adblock Plus / NoSript don't know the reason why.Any ideas, Thanks. I have Firefox set to Auto update. Badcompany. Ps... Problem Solved, Reinstalled FF.
  12. Five hours to download, is this normal. Badcompany
  13. Hi DennisD, I don't have Adobe Flash Player checked, Because CCleaner deletes my recipes binder on the BBC Food web-site. Badcompany I just checked the box in Adobe and ran ccleaner, All the cookies where deleted. Thanks DennisD.
  14. Hello Forum, CCleaner is not deleting cookies in the delete cookies column.Everything at default setting.
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