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  1. I'm using Windows 7 x64 with Firefox 3.5.2, and I'm not getting any cookies appearing in the CCleaner Options > Cookies menu. Is there anyway I can force it to keep cookies for certain sites?
  2. Yes, it seems to be for all forums using Invasion Power Board. This forum is one of them, I'm also have problems with the cookies not cleaning from Neowin, who also use IPB.
  3. Yeah I have ticked all the options, I just haven't posted a screenshot for the "Applications" tab.
  4. Anyone? Nearly 70 views and no one?
  5. Right, so seeing as I'm new, I'd better just say how brilliant a program this is, and wish the author much succcess with future releases! Anyway, now that's out of the way, for the first time in many years of using CCleaner, I've finally encountered a problem. The latest version (1.41.544) won't actually clean my cookies. I'm not sure if it is cleaning anything else, but it isn't cleaning the cookies. I usually have all the options ticked and they are in this case (Except Window Size and User Assist History - Not relevant here). When I initially do an analyze I get this report: I then run the cleaner and it tells me it has cleaned. If I do another analysis, it tells me 0 bytes to be removed. However, when I start up Firefox again, I go to a forum I usually visit, and I find that I am still logged in. (It has remembered the cookie) Infact, it's even remembered the cookie for this forum. I have closed down Firefox totally and typed this message in Notepad, and there are no Firefox processes running. If I fire up CCleaner again, and I do an analayze the cookie has come back. I have checked that the Firefox Cookies options and everything else to do with Firefox is selected in CCleaner. So my question is, why will it not clean?
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