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    http://phoenixlabs.org/pg2/ peerguardian 2,all ill say is that its an excellent program
  2. anyone know where i can get the cheapest but medium or high quality custom made computers? am looking for custom made because i already know their cheaper...
  3. the best defragmenter i ever used was diskeeper pro premium so if you want the best of the bests i would reccomend u getting it, you can get from demonoid.com
  4. am looking a cheap custom computer or laptop... anyone know a good website(that ships to california) thanks in advance btw i do know that newegg.com is the best place for parts..... but am looking for cheap custom computers
  5. if you fans are in the bottom then you have a retarded laptop lol, i hope it wasent too costly. anyways.. there are some like book type things with fans that you put it below you computer so that wont casue a problem... and i guess you need it
  6. yes, uncheck the square that says that
  7. since the beggining, when my computer crashed my technician installed CCleaner in my computer so i stared using.... but then i realized there was this other program (windows washer) which was a pay to use program... so i decided to download it from a torrent and use it, everything worked perfectly. But after a while, i decided to use and it told me that there was a new version 1.42 or somethng like that so i download it, so i decided to test both products, first I cleaned everything i could with windows washer, then after it told me there was nothing else to clean i used CCleaner and there was still around 22MB to clean.... so i came to a conclusion that maybe freeware is better after all? btw anyone know a better anti virus than Kaspersky?
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