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  1. the release date and time has been moved to saturday 4th of August 2007 (GMT+1) around 17.00 hour
  2. CCleaner is Internet Service Provider independent.
  3. eagle00789

    Java stuff

    that is indeed correct, but for java it doesn't matter..
  4. eagle00789

    Java stuff

    i just meant to say that for java, it doesn't matter if you uninstall first and the install the new, or install the new first and the uninstall the old.
  5. eagle00789

    Java stuff

    i know for a fact that Java's new versions always install into a new subdirectory in the %programfiles%\java\ folder, so this immediately defeats your reason. i have the followinf items currently in my %programfiles%\java\ folder: jre1.5.0_06 jre1.6.0_01 jre1.6.0_02 if i uninstall any old version, the first 2 folders are removed and the last folder remains intact.
  6. eagle00789

    Java stuff

    CeeCee, why is that, i always only remove the older versions without any problems. Is there a special reason for you to uninstall them all before installing the latest?
  7. The McAfee SiteAdvisor can be uninstalled/removed with the Toolbar Uninstaller
  8. Updated first post to reflect the changes in the program, as it now has been succesfully tested with IE Toolbars
  9. sorry to dissapoint you, but i already have been offered soch things, but i can handle those myself. the website will be launched together with the program itself. I already have betatesters and i already have a mirror for the program. But thanks for your offer. i appreciate it
  10. That is indeed what it is being build for.
  11. A before and after screenshot of a firefox window that has been cluttered with toolbars It uses firefox's official way of uninstalling an extension
  12. i haven't myself, as i have no need (yet) to recover lost files. I do have the program installed, just to be sure.
  13. My first guess into this problem is that the battery is drawing to much power from the power supply to keet the laptop itself runnng. Try running the laptop WITHOUT any battery inserted. just the power supply. If that doesn't work, go out to radioshack and buy a general powersupply wich can give the neccesary power (for my laptop was needed to supply 16.3 volts). if that also doens't work (the power supply always comes in handy), then the laptop itself is broken.
  14. that would sure be a great thing, but it would also take a lot of programming time to create such a thing....
  15. i hope that you will read this message UpperClass, but what do you mean by "Formatted Files". Is that the ability to recover files AFTER a disk has been formatted or do you mean something entirely different.
  16. i think the Topic Starter meant that you can decide where to place the recovered files. Let the user decide in wich directory or drive the files are restored to.
  17. Select the entire row instead of only the first 2 columns for a better view of what you are going to recover (at least give it a try)
  18. its avast for me works like a charm and never failed on me yet
  19. only a hardware firewall for me (my router's builtin, but heavily modified)
  20. Nice. hasn't happend to me yet (fortunately)
  21. eagle00789

    Cookie question

    i never delete a cookie, but that is just me. i can't see any reason why not to remove the cookies from mozilla
  22. eagle00789


    autohotkey is a program that is also capable of doing this, and much more. (like macro recording for repeated tasks and much more)
  23. well, as far as i know, this is impossible, because many apps write to the following things: Registry windows directory system directory programfiles directory commonfiles directory ini-files To be able to find all of these just for (just an example) microsoft office would be a nightmare, because these all would need to be searched for and if necessary changed.
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