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  1. Hello Andy thanks for your help and councils , you are the best !! I'm installing SpywareBlaster I hope it is never necessary to call for your help again. thanks and thanks again Regards Luc
  2. Hello Andy Gromozon remover say there is no rootkit componeny on the system no other problem found thanks luc avenger.txt Check.txt uninstall_list.txt avenger.txt Check.txt uninstall_list.txt
  3. see you tomorrow luc kaspersky.txt kaspersky.txt
  4. i'have deleted the files waiting for Kaspersky . doiing 23% in 30 minutes , so next part of the story tomorrow thanks Andy Luc
  5. virus total answer : 0 bytes size received / Se ha recibido un archivo vacio for each file kaspersky is in progress but can take many time
  6. hello Andy thanks Luc user.txt gromozon_removal.txt regresult.txt user.txt gromozon_removal.txt regresult.txt
  7. Hello Andy your fix work !! many thanks I upload the Hijackthis log file for councils luc hijackthis.txt hijackthis.txt
  8. report file Result.txt Result.txt
  9. Hi, On my computer , it is impossible to download , or install , or copiing the CCleaner.exe file when downloading , IE7 or Firefox stoppe immediatly withou any message when copiing (with windows explorer) the explorer stop and restart when installing , the dialog box asking for the langage appair , and windows explorer stop and restart. I have tested the computer with avast , antivir , trend micro online , bitdefender online , kaspersky online adawareSE , SpyBot search&destroy nothing found the same probleme occurs when firing the computer in safe mode , with
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