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  1. Bonjour, Ci-dessous quelques corrections éventuelles : Outils -> Désinstallation de programmes : "Séléctionnez" à remplacer par "Sélectionnez" Cette erreur réapparait (logiquement) à plusieurs endroits : Options -> Cookies : "Séléctionnez" "de tout les navigateurs" Options -> Inclure : "Séléctionnez" Options -> Exclure : "Séléctionnez" Ganjasmoker2.
  2. Other possible corrections (Ccleaner 2.20.920) : Cleaner section : - "Adresses tap?es r?cemment" => "Adresses saisies r?cemment" - "Raccourcis du bureau" => "Raccourcis du Bureau" Tools section : Tools/Uninstall : - "D?siinstallation" => "D?sinstallation" - "Select a program from the list you want to remove from your computer" => "S?lectionner un programme ? supprimer de l'ordinateur" Tools/System Restoration : - "Manage all your System Restore points (The lastest one is disabled for system safety)" => "Contr?lez tous vos points de restauration du syst?me (le dernier est 'bloqu?' pour la s?curit? du syst?me)" Options section : Options/About : - "/AUTO /SHUTDOWN - Nettoie et arr?te ensuite l'ordinateur" => "/AUTO /SHUTDOWN - Nettoyer et arr?ter ensuite l'ordinateur" Options/Cookies : - "Select the cookies you want to keep (This include cookies from all Internet browsers and Flash plugins)" => "S?lectionner les cookies que vous voulez conserver (Ceci comprend les cookies de tous les navigateurs Internet et plugins Flash)" That's all !
  3. Hi Everbody, Just a little suggestion that can have already been done ... Why don't you create the possibility to delete files' copies ... to get more free memory to use ...
  4. For the french version , in the tab 'Tools' (Outils, in French), there's a little translation problem : you must write ' Restauration du syst?me' and not 'Restoration du syst?me' ...
  5. I've found the solution : I've uncheck 'Others explorers MRUs' and now all is right ! Thanks a lot Ric0h and Fireryone !
  6. Houhou ! Nobody wants to help me ???
  7. Have you tried to (re)install Firefox or IE a second time ?
  8. Nobody using CCleaner is able to help me ?
  9. Hi everybody ! I just want to know which option allows me to keep the history of my network connections ? Thanks a lot.
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