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  1. 256 would be really cool! When I first bought this machine 3 yrs ago I thought I was getting a great deal, a "fast" computer at only a couple hundred bucks!. Then I found out that 192 wasn't all that great, lol. As for the "danger" of my becoming a "techie"....... My family members already refer to me as The Family Geek and come to me first, for all computer related problems. I guess I at least know that if I can't help them, to come here to the experts, eh? Thanks for the info, both of you. I'll keep studying and be back.
  2. Thanks so much Davey. You've given me much to read. No, I don't delete things I don't know why they are there. I learned that mistake after receiving an email about removing a little teddy bear icon a long time ago. The only reason I ask about the long list of programs is that there are so many HP related programs with no information. How can I find out which of these are no longer needed (many showed up after installing an all-in-one HP printer that is no longer used. Yes, along with CCleaner and disk cleanup, I've run defrag on a regular basis. Knowing that I have a "small" machine as for memory and processor I felt this helped. Will study the info you gave me before posting again. And Thanks again!
  3. First, thanks for the help received 6 months ago for my hubby's laptop. Now I guess Its my turn. No malware, viruses, etc....... that I know of. Just a slower running machine. I've deleted all old music, picture, documents, anything I don't really need (again that I know of). And I use CCleaner at least once a week, sometimes more. But I have noticed that my machine still seems to be running a lot slower than it used to, even when all those "old" files were first new. After reading here in the forums, all over the site, and the CCleaner Beginner's guide, I have two questions. If I need to put them in different threads, I can, just wasn't sure. First question is regarding the Registry Integrity Scans. I've scanned periodically but have been warned to not "mess" with the registry at any time (a know it all but dear friend). But here I see that clicking "Fix All Issues" really isn't going to do any harm. Then I search the forums and see that it could in some instances... so I'm a little mixed on this. But if it will help speed things please can someone explain this part of CCleaner in a little more detail for me, so I know what I'm doing next time? (link me to the right post i couldn't find in search if one exists even ) Second question is about the Programs to Remove page... That list has so many items I don't recognize, and many when pulled up through control panel/add & remove programs, cannot be uninstalled. I'm thinking this has a lot to do with slowing my machine down as well but again, figured I'd ask before clicking anything. After all, y'all are the experts to help us lil folk . Thanks.
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