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  1. Yes, I agree. I, too, use Flock 2 as my default browser. I find it more flexible than Firefox 3. I also use the same extensions from Firefox and use it on Flock, it's fully compatible. To the Piriform developers, please add Flock 2 cleaning ability. Thanks!
  2. May I suggest that in the next release of CCleaner, can you guys include cleaning capability for Flock browser? I noticed that when I run CCleaner, it is unable to clean the history of Flock. It would be very much appreciated if this feature would be implemented in future release of CCleaner. BTW, thanks for this useful freeware!
  3. Oh, I almost forgot. There's another bug in CCleaner. In the previous version, when I run the program in the main user interface, it locks up and I have no other choice but to terminate the program via Task manager. This is also present in the current version which I have recently installed. Please advise a solution ASAP. Thanks.
  4. Davey, thanks for your concern. I have downloaded the latest update from Filehippo. But it seems the problem still recurrent. The error message still pops up when I run CCleaner via Recycle Bin. The only change in the message is the version of CCleaner. I'm a little disappointed since this bug would've been fixed if I reported it earlier before the update. Is there any way to fix this issue?
  5. I believe there is a bug in the new CCleaner v.2.05.555. An error occurred when I ran CCleaner via Recycle Bin's 'Run Cleaner' context menu. It says: "Critical Error A critical error occurred in CCleaner, the application must now close. Error Description: CCleaner v2.05.555 MS Windows XP SP2 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 430 @ 1.73GHz 512MB RAM VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family Application::Run" The error menu also has a 'Restart CCleaner' tick box. Tried reinstalling CCleaner, but error still occurs. Downloaded the setup file from Filehippo. Please advise solution ASAP
  6. WOW, thanks a bunch!!! Never knew it was that simple!! Thanks man, I owe ya!
  7. Hi everyone! Can someone help me out? Basically, my problem is that CCleaner is rendered TOTALLY useless with my Windows Vista Starter OS. I tried running the cleaner and the registry cleaner, but both of them are non-functional. I downloaded the program straight from the main website, and some of my friends said that CCleaner works perfectly with their Windows Vista. I'm looking forward for any solution for this problem that would work. Thanks
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