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  1. So close, yet so far away! Your idea almost worked! Here's the original: ---------------------------------------------- |Icon Icon | |Icon Icon | |Icon Icon | |Icon Icon | Instead of doing this: ---------------------------------------------- | NO ICON IS ABLE TO GO IN THIS HORIZONTAL SPACE |Icon Icon | |Icon Icon | |Icon Icon | |Icon Icon It did this: ---------------------------------------------- |Icon Icon | | |Icon Icon | | |Icon Icon | Thanks for the idea though!
  2. Thanks for the reply Humpty! What I want to be able to is keep Auto Arrange clicked, but have all of the icons start lower, almost as if there is reserved a reserved horizontal space.
  3. I would like to lower the starting position of my Desktop icons. To use a visual aid: Before Lowering (dotted lines represent the screen) |----------------------------------------- |Icon | | | After Lowering (dotted lines represent the screen) |----------------------------------------- |NO ICONS ARE ABLE TO GO IN THIS HORIZONTAL SPACE |Icon | | Is there any way to do this? Thanks, Joe
  4. Let start off first by saying that CCleaner rocks! I have used it for a long time. However, I noticed that some applications in the Applications tab still appear even after they are uninstalled. I have used Desktop Mechanic and CCleaner to clean the registry, but without the desired results of removing the uninstalled programs from the list. I think that I tried a fresh install, too. Any ideas what I can do? Thanks, Joe
  5. Thanks for the suggestion Talldog! Unfortunately, Best Buy's website lists the PCTV HD Pro Stick as $129.99. So close...Maybe eBay has it cheap...
  6. I'm in the market to purchase a USB TV Tuner Card for my MCE 2005 Gateway MX6960 Notebook. However, TV Tuner Cards aren't my area of expertise. I can spend about $100, maybe $120. If anyone has a suggestion of the best card I can buy for the money I can spend or if you have questions/comments, please post. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I do have Paint.NET, great freeware by the way, but I think it would be next to impossible to do what Portrait Professional does with it. Definitely!
  8. So I have some photos I'm using for a project, but the problem is the people in the pics look horrible! I've looked in the Freeware thread, but I couldn't find anything to use, though I could have missed something. I hoping to find a freeware alternative to Portrait Professional created by Anthropics Technology. Any suggestions?
  9. I like to occasionally watch TV episodes on sites like YouTube, Veoh, Stage6, ect. Sometimes the audio and the video are not synced correctly. Is there any (freeware) software that I can use to delay audio output by a certain number of seconds?
  10. I tried two firmware different updates, both did not have any effect on the problem. I'm considering reinstalling the OS, because I plugged in an external lightscribe drive that had no problem working on my dad's computer, but on my computer had the same problem as my internal CD/DVD drive, so the problem doesn't seem to be the drive...
  11. Actually, after looking a bit more into the problem, I found the CD/DVD drive is probably not faulty! I plugged in an external lightscribe drive that had no problem working on my dad's computer, but had the same problem as my internal CD/DVD drive. So, maybe it's drivers, but my sister has the same laptop hardware wise (it's CD/DVD drive works) and we both have the same drivers with the exception of c:\windows\System32\Drivers\GEARAspiWDM.sys (I have that file, she does not). I'm not really sure were I got that file, though... I've been trying to find the location of my drive's firmware update site, but I haven't been able to find it. I'll look some more... Thank-you to everyone who has replied, you've all been a big help!
  12. Darn cheap hardware that's sold for hundreds of dollars!! It truly is sad . I hope I won't have to mail my laptop out for 6-8 weeks, 'cause that would flat out suck big time! Oh, well. Thanks for your help though, rridgely.
  13. I made burned a DVD a few weeks ago, and the only new software I installed was Winamp, RocketDock, Unlocker, and IconTweaker. I wonder if Winamp is to blame? I hope not...
  14. Hey, I'm Joe. Anyway, my laptop's DVD/CD drive is acting up. It's a PHILIPS DVD+-RW SDVD8820 and my computer is a Gateway MX6960 Notebook that's less than a year old and is still under warranty. When I put a blank DVD into the drive, my laptop recognizes it as a CD for some reason. As a result, I can't write out DVD's like I used to. I can play DVD's. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can fix this? I am going to contact Gateway, but I figured I'd ask here too. I yahoo-ed the drive and there were negative comments about it. Is it possible to get a new internal DVD drive for a laptop to replace my current one. Thanks.
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