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  1. My point is...I always remove everything that CCleaner reg cleaner section suggests and have never experienced a single problem (and if there was a problem I could always restore the backup of registry changes that CCleaner creates for me). Why not add a command prompt feature to automate something I do manually anyway. Newbie users don't even know how to run CCleaner from the command prompt so no danger here. CCleaner is a safe bet with backup protection so why not add some power to the registry cleaning feature.
  2. If you do not want to use this option, you don't simply run this option from the command prompt. I'm talking about missing choices not forced options.
  3. Eggzactly. That's why I have never had problems with CCleaner registry cleaning and suggested an automation feature for this.
  4. Are you a hive hiker? I have never had a problem after cleaning ALL registry items CCleaner suggested so I really don't need to be there when it is cleaned. If the backup is made, I could always go back and restore it if necessary but like I said, I have never had to. Edited by Moderator DD: Signature removed.
  5. Nope...it's a mindset. I'm a fan of automation and saving time where it's possible. I have created a .bat file which will first run CC in /AUTO mode and clean the crap. Then the .bat will run defragmenter. After all disks are done, the computer will either stand by or shut down. This is a routine .bat click for me before I go to sleep that keeps my computer running fast next day. There is no point in making 4 additional clicks every night IF it can be automated. It's 1440 additional clicks per year. Ever visited lifehacker.com ?
  6. There's no parameter to allow for automatic registry cleaning. I already use auto cleaning feature. If you could add automatic registry cleaning (with option for automatic registry changes backup) we could all save lots of time and make CCleaner even more killer tool that it is already.
  7. Thanks again for your efforts Andavari. I will PM MrG to further clarify. Deep
  8. Thanks for the info Andavari! To confirm - I am allowed to distribute/mirror the Standard Build on my own server/domain? Deep
  9. I'm planning to create a help video on how to use CCleaner in a most efficient way (for the non-geeks). I have suggested CCleaner to many friends and several of them have called me back because they had trouble finding and downloading the installation file. I wonder if it would be ok to host the latest installation file on my server so I can tell people to simply click on the link under my instructional video to download CCleaner. Btw, your software rocks! Deep
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