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  1. I actually do have a relatively pressing "Windoz XP" issue I would greatly appreciate a hand with? For some unknown reason and I'm fairly certain that it's not a virus. I have lost all "Folder Options" functionality in Windoz. Threw control panel or threw tools in windoz explorer. Near or around the same time (and I admit I had way too much on there) my entire desktop disappeared. Well, everything on it anyhow. Since then, "desktop" has been a bit quirky, so I've kept it to a minimum. I ran "Recuva" and I was able to find most of it on my secondary hard drive of all places and about 80% intact. However all attempts to recover the lost data only yielded approx. 20% of what I could find. One thing that may apply is that I used a copy of XP Pro Sp2 that I got from a "Friend" and now unwittingly fallen prey to the WGA program @ Microsoft. Although I don't like the fact that I have to use "Norton '07" as my primary scanner, it does automatically manage to bring me a lot of the updates from Microsoft. (Not nearly what I need I don't think) Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you. So at what point will Recuva not show a file? I take it there is a line somewhere. Meaning, a grey area where it will still show a file but it isn't viable any longer? How big is the grey area? I know that might be hard/almost imposible to answer but.....if you were to make a rough guess. Might it be like: 30%= Shows file, 100% recoverable 40%= Shows file, 80% recoverable (depending on type/length, drive activity since etc...) 30%= May still show file, likely unrecoverable. Or, shows noithing. I guess the reson for that question might have something to do with understanding how fast you have to realize that you have to recover something etc....
  3. Ok, fair enough. I'm fully willing to accept that there are many things that I don't understand. That's why I'm here. However, on my second scan, using Recuva. It returned nearly 14 000 items. Hence my comment about a auto-repair function. I wasn't looking for a specific file. I came across the program, I tried it. It told me there were 13 674 problems. Not looking for nor expecting anything, the fact remains, I'm sitting there saying...."ok, now what." I didn't know what any of them were for the most part. I'm approx. 6 months since a clean install. Sure I could believe that I had some scattered files. So sure lets fix them now that I have them identified. Not being confident with the app. yet, I end up here. Busy or not, where else would I go? Reviewing the Moderators it says that everybody is either all assigned to "software/virus protection" or "all". Left me thinking....hmmmmm Then, after cruising around a bit, I try to help out some dude and get flamed on form. Resulting in 2 comments that had nothing to do with any point "helping" anybody. That said it seemed that people had extra time for randomness, I thought that despite the attitude, there might be some insight towards my issue. Didn't mean to come off the wrong way or anything but most of the application specific support forums that I have gone to, responses come in minutes/hours not days. No big deal as I say, just different is all. =)
  4. DigIt

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    Ya, I did realize that, however. It apeared as tho that this area of the forum was getting all kinds of attention from the bored gentlemen flaming me for a hotlink, all the while not actually providing anybody any help of any kind. As the topic in hand seemed well in hand and I did actually provide 2 solid leads towards ending the issue....baahhh. I thought that I might hyjack Mr. Metal and see if he could put a dent in my issue. Meh...seemed fair at the time. Clearly I was assuming a lot, sorry. EDIT: Yup, nothing back @ my "Recuva" question but tumbleweed.......
  5. DigIt

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    ? Or you can help here. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showto...amp;#entry75290
  6. DigIt

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    "Ad-Aware?" This is a good one and it's free and very stable. Use it along with----------> http://dw.com.com/redir?edId=3&siteId=...4-10701900.html <--------> "AVG Anti Virus?" http://www.grisoft.cz/filedir/inst/avg75iswt_476a1043.exe ...........This, and you'll be fine. Also free and very stable. I like it as a part of the "Arsenal" because it's very light weight and fast. (Unlike "Snorton" that I am forced to use as my backstop....... =(.....) PS: When the AVG page apears scroll down half a page to the "Chritical Updates" area for some windoze update stuff you may need.
  7. I was happy to see that the initial functionality was strait forward and appears to be easy to use. However, after recovery, what do I do next exactly? It's pretty clear, I suppose, that the app. doesn't "automatically" repair broken files. (kinda counter intuitive) My next guess is that what I'm looking for would be in these "recovery files"? If so, what am I supposed to do with them? Take these new files and hunt down/replace the existing files? Just wondering here.... would it not be customary here to have an automatic replace option in pref. with a back-up prompt? I have also noticed that subsequent scans seem to be producing an increasing # of "errors/problems" or "deleted files". This is where I get confused. "If" Recuva "doesn't" replace files and if this increasing # of errors "are" due to previous scans, then what's up w that? **EDIT** So it's been a few days now so I gather that my post is considard to be either: something answered so many times that it isn't something anybody wants to be bothered with. (in that case a link would do just fine) or there is something so clear that I am just not seeing/getting. Either way, I wouldn't mind trying this app. out.
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