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  1. NOt much to be gained by deleting prefetch files. Periodically, it needs updating but Windows updates periodically as part of its normal operation. If you need the few nanoseconds it might save you not waiting for windows, then just delete all the prefetch files and windows will start building over again.
  2. If the option screenis not coming up on your machine(s) when you install, even when you install over a prior version, then it is not installing correctly. Not having the option screen show up is not be design but by mistake. Seems lots of programs recently have had the yahoo stuff as default add-on with option to not add. Nero for one. So long as I can refuse the yahoo, I don't mind. Yoy should probably contact the techs re why the program is not installing correctly on your machines (ie., mistakenly skipping the option screen before isntalling an update). It could be a matter of not using default directories for CCleaner--that sort of things cnfuses some programs when installing updates.
  3. The older 1.41.544 works better than 2.0.500 on most machines. The 2.0 bugs (for example, not cleaning tem interenet files) have apparently been worked out in version 2.01, which should be availalbe today or Monday. Check the download/versions page for what's been fixed in 2.01.
  4. go back to 1.41.544. the last very good build. Update when Version 2 is fixed.
  5. Yes, go back to 1.41.544. Version 1.42 apparently doesn't catch everything either.
  6. Go back to version 1.41.544 if you want those things erased. It's disabled or broken in the later versions.
  7. It's probalby not deleting your temprory Internet files either. Go back to 1.41.544. We know that one works.
  8. This plus the not deleting Temp Internet files bug suggests reverting to 1.4 until 2.x gets fixed. It apparently has has some of these probs al the way through beta and 2.x releases so far.
  9. Search the forum; it's been reported more than once. You apparently have to use an older version of CCleaner for that fucntion to operate correctly.
  10. That's the index file. But in any event, CCleaner used to delete the temp internet files and with the latest updates, it doesn't. If you run Analyze under CCleaner, it won't even list all the temp internet files.
  11. I know this option used to work prior to version 2. It would be great if it worked again. I've had to go back to using Win XP Disk Cleanup :-(
  12. Definitiely a bug. I tired it on several machines, and it simply doesn't delete those temp internet files :-(
  13. Is there a way to have CCleaner do a cleaning without having to open the program and then click on the "Run Cleaner" button? I mean, like jsut click the desktop icon and it opens itself, runs the cleaner, and closes?
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