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  1. So, it destroyed the 2nd CD and took away half of the main CD. So now its confirmed, im not using these CD:s in any drive anymore and also confirmed this myth of recovering CD:s with hot water is busted .
  2. This computer is much newer than the one where i wanted to install the program but that program complained somethin like ''no devices detected'' maby because my CD/DVD drive is empty. And haven't tryed the program here yet, but i just got a newer versin about it so it actually dosen't matter anymore. I just tryed with the computer where it has worked, and i cant install the program here. I think that this comp is so late from everything so all what has worked stop working. But atleast it dosen't matter... And someone could lock this thread. Or perhaps delete.
  3. Looks like it would wor properly but as other programs, it freezes at sector 133?? and askes commands about data what can't be readed. So i don't know much about these problems but on the disk is few scraches, should i repair it until there's no scraches?
  4. Is it possible to scan CD/DVDs? I got a CD wich includes an error and would like to try this there. Atlast a FREE program wich REALLY works.
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