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  1. Couldn't make much sense of all that. But lately I had to reinstall XP and everything else and CCleaner now seems to be fixing all the issues that it sees. The reinstall has sorted out other issues relating to use of certain packages (Adobe Reader, Nero, Media Player) that would only work on the administrator account. Mystified but happy. tamk.
  2. Yes, it's XP. SP2 Home Ed. And it's on administrator account naturally. What user's permissions issue you are on about I cannot imagine. If the 159 issues are fixed why do they remain there ? In the past Reg Mechanic has never eliminated all of the registry errors that it found. And that costs ?30 per year. So it would not be the biggest surprise in the world if a freeware like CC fared worse. Tamk.
  3. Ain't that cool how you just shut down the issue ! I always thought that a forum allowed the thread starter to decide when it was closed . . . I do not see why a registry cleaning action should need 2 separate software applications. If CC needs a fix then update it. And why is it not functioning properly to start with ? Must one BUY this registry cleaning feature ? tamk.
  4. Folks, I have been using CC cleaner for a few weeks now. Just looked at it properly recently. No matter how often I try to sort out the registry, I am still left with 150+ unfixed issues. If it cannot really fix these issues why is it going through the motions of trying to do it ? tamk.
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