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  1. I did check the c:\windows\temp for HP files. I found HPZEN054.hlp, HPZIDI.00.log, and HPZIDS.log. A google search was not informative. I searched the HP.com site and found no results of search. I can duplicate this problem by just running CCleaner, the "Cleaner" function. I would be interested in test the "tickbox" function, but I have no idea what that is. I did purchase a nice Kodak multi to replace a HP multi that I had a trayapp problem with. I can now go back to using CCleaner on that system with out any problems.
  2. I too have had this problem. Mine is limited to the "all in one" application. We have three of these running and I too miss using CCleaner.
  3. I have tryapp.msi on my desktop just for this reason. Deleteing the app and reinstalling takes 1 to 2 hrs.
  4. Problem happens when using cleaner. We have three HP all-in-one printers. All have the HP all-in-one software suite. We have several other HP plain printers. The problem happens on the AIO units only. Also get a problem of trying to install document viewer.
  5. When ever I run CCleaner I encounter the dredded "trayapp" issue.
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