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  1. I never found any problem with ZoneAlarm Pro slowing down my computer. However, I have never tried Outpost Professional. One should not have more than one firewall or antivirus running at the same time. This is why ZoneAlarm Pro detects antivirus and firewall overlaps to avoid problems with this.
  2. That test was moronic... It compares the minor and petty details. It doesn't tell you how well the antivirus scanned, how fast, and how efficiently. It's just "is there password protection" and crap like that. It just sees if it has that capability but does not compare its efficiency. The review is total bullsh*t.
  3. I think it's a very wise choice i recommended it but i have to warn you that some people, i don't know why though, think it has a confusing interface... I've also heard that their online support isn't all that good. However, I still use it just fine and i have never had any problem with it. ZoneAlarm does not detect NOD32 as an antivirus system... I don't know why though. NOD32 is fast, updates rapidly and frequently, takes up VERY LITTLE RAM. I fully recommend you use it.
  4. Everytime I analyze, CCleaner deletes less than it analyzes. Although I know that the analyzation is just an approximation, sometimes the scan detects a lot more than it deletes. I just scanned my computer and it said that i could get rid of an approximate 19.1 MB. However, CCleaner only deleted 9 MB. Does this happen to anyone else?
  5. i used norton antivirus 2004 for around 2 months... (can't even believe i kept it that long) Norton is the worst antivirus i've ever used. It is slow, RAM hogger, always has to scan every single program you are using and it gets annoying and slows your computer. AVG Antivirus is very good. If you are not a computer geek i recommend you use it. I personally use NOD32 Antivirus. It is amazing. It constantly scans your computer without slowing it down a bit. It has extremely fast scanning. It scanned my 30 gb of data in 7 minutes. It found viruses that AVG and norton could not find. NOD32 also updates very often. Unlike Norton that updates around once ever week and a half, NOD32 updates daily and sometimes even 3 times a day.
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