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  1. I see in multiple postings that people are having an impossible time to truly remove Macrium after it is installed. Even suggestions to reinstall and then uninstall fail. Under System -> Notifications & actions, I see Macrium Reflect .. set to off, but this started my examination of my Thinkpad Carbon X1 Touch Windows 10 Pro x64 PC. I had briefly tried, and uninstalled, Free Macrium almost a year ago, and I recall that it had set up sort of a dual boot on the startup screen. I think it is still there, and as far as I am concerned it is software getting older and riper for trouble later. I cannot find any traces of Macrium on my PC, e.g., using my locate under Cygwin running as Administrator. I went into the Registry with regedit and removed one macrium folder, but two others could not be removed, even after a reboot. I also ran CCleaner, but it did nothing.
  2. On our two Thinkpad Carbon X1 PCs now running Windows 10, the usual one-line command in our backup script (for many years in Windows XP, 7, 8, etc.), which is now c:/Program Files/CCleaner/CCleaner64.exe /AUTO is giving us: [0x7FFE0F4AA2E0] ANOMALY: meaningless REX prefix used [0x7FFE0F49F700] ANOMALY: meaningless REX prefix used
  3. I emptied the recycle bin on both of our PCs, as suggested by kroozer, and indeed this worked fine. Lester
  4. Same problem on BOTH of our HP dv8t's under Win7 Ultimate x64. I never had such a problem with ccleaner before this last version. Lester
  5. The source of my problem is that I had Google Cloud Print on. Easy fix is to disable it. With all the posted problems, you'd think the developer would have mentioned this when turning on the process. It is mentioned on a google page, but it was not obvious.
  6. Mu OS and CCleaner are up to date. Even unchecking an item in autoruns to start chrome did not help. Your solution of purging all Chrome is not a reasonable solution for me or others. (The same problem is reported on multiple forums.)
  7. I have the same problem. I am running chrome 10.0.642.2 on Win7 x64. I even re-installed it (over the present setup). There is always a remaining chrome.exe after I exit chrome. procexp says there is not parent. I can kill it in the Task Manager, but it comes back when restarting chrome or restarting the PC. Running ccleaner numerous times (after ending chrome.exe in the Task Manager) does not seem to help this problem. It is a Google problem for sure, but I was hoping ccleaner might help.
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