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  1. I'm not sure if a wildcard will work. It's worth a try. I know that folders/files on drives not normally reached by CC can be cleaned by this method, as I've done it. Bear in mind though that other CC options, such as don't delete temp files until 48 hrs old, will not apply. The folder name goes in, the whole lot gets cleared out. Let us know how you get on.
  2. Yep, this folder only contains two files, index.dat and desktop.ini. Index.dat is 32 kb, so I assume there's not a lot in it. I am on XP Home SP2. Rgds.
  3. The only way I can think of is: If the ext drive is always allocated to drive x, and if the temp ext files are always in the same location.... Mount an ext drive (not necessarily infected!) Open CC, Options/Include/Add Folder Browse your pc until you are positioned on the ext drive temp int files Click OK This will add the ext temp file folder to the include list. You can add several temp file locations of course. Just run CC to wipe the contents. It doesn't matter if the folder isn't found on normal CC runs when the ext drive isn't connected. If you want to just clear the ext d
  4. I have found that with free products a self-help forum is the norm, and quite often users get nothing at all. I thought that Andavari's answer was comprehensive and reassuring, regulars know he can be trusted. Actually I have a couple of these registry entries and I will have no qualms about deleting them. CCleaner has never let me down. I think you'll find the thread was moved to the Discussions forum, where this one should be as well: it isn't a bug. Rgds.
  5. No it isn't, and not a lot is wrong. There are thousands of users who are more than happy with CC, including me. This thread should be in the CC Discussion forum.
  6. I understood that this option applied to temp files, i.e. files in your windows/temp. doc and settings/username/local settings/temp etc., and not to temp internet files. I have this box ticked and all my temp internet files are cleared.
  7. Augeas


    Secure Delete in Recuva overwrites the file with zeros, the file can not then be recovered. Rgds.
  8. I'm not quite sure what you are trying to do here. CC isn't, as you well know, a virus scanner, so do you just want to reduce the amount of data on the suspect drive? Simply knocking off the temp internet files will probably remove the majority of unwanted data, then you could also browse temp files and delete the biggies you find, after you've decided you don't want them. Then scan with your virus software.
  9. It's true that the temp files cleanup facility is not relevant or available on other than your system drive, but you can add files to be deleted (and overwritten if you wish) from another drive by including these in the Include option. Use the Add Folder/Add file button and select the folder/file you want to delete, then click on open, which will add the folder/file to the include list.
  10. I believe so, if the overwrite once option is specified in CC. A simple test will prove me right or wrong.
  11. Recuva is specced to run on Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and 98. If you use CCleaner with the one pass overwrite option it will render the files it is scheduled to delete unrecoverable with any software. Don't set your browser option to clear temp internet files on close or this will bypass CCleaner. CC has a specified subset of files to clean, so not every deleted file will be caught, but most will be.
  12. Of course, if the file is overwritten by part of another live file, then it can't and shouldn't be securely deleted. What an idiot for not cottoning on to that earlier. Well, it is Sunday and the red plonk is beckoning, so much so that I'm off for a glass or two. Over to you.
  13. Shodan, in case you missed this edit: Aha,,, more testing... seems to overwrite (delete) files marked as excellent, any others, poor, v poor and unrecoverable don't seem to be overwritten. Will test more (but I'm not doing all 10,000 of them). Can you confirm this?
  14. The secure delete option works fine for me on XP Home Ed. A great option, would be greater if we could rename the filename to something less embarrassing too. One thing I have found whilst trying the secure delete is that if you tick several files to be securely deleted, right click and choose Secure Delete Checked, and the process returns 'The following files were not deleted - File resident in the MFT' then although the box says 'x files deleted' only the files prior to the message are deleted: all files ticked after the file in the MFT are not deleted. This might be the problem som
  15. I would strongly recommend that you chose the single overwrite option in CCleaner: recovery is not possible from one overwrite and the size of your files will mean that overwriting, even with one pass, will take some time. Don't be too ambitious, perhaps one at a time until you get some idea of the timescale. As an easy way of deleting odd files I have set up a folder (called Crap) which is named in the include settings in CCleaner. I just drag files and folders I wish to be deleted into this folder, and good old CC cleans it out for me when it's run. You have to remember to run CC in secu
  16. Do you mean that the start menu shortcuts have gone? If so just type start menu shortcuts in Google for the answer. You can't 'reverse' anything that CC does. There are ways of retrieving deleted files, but this doesn't seem to be what you are asking. Rgds.
  17. A slight correction - I don't have the box ticked to delete temp files, so that's probably the reason they're still there.
  18. I'm not sure what you actually mean by formatting temp internet files. CC will overwrite these files (if the option is selected) which makes them unrecoverable by any method. One overwrite is sufficient. Formatting, at its most secure, is simply overwriting physical areas of the disk. It was a little tongue in cheek to mention another security method. Temp internet files from an individual's surfing can be overwritten adequately by CC. If you have access to very sensitive data, such as that which seems to be handled so nonchalantly by our leaders, then your PC should be subject to a securi
  19. You may well be right. I have the don't delete until 48 hrs box ticked and my ..../me/local settings/temp folder has files going back to my pc setup a year or more ago. I don't have too many so it doesn't bother me. If you're only worried about keeping some files for 48 hrs then why not wait a few days and then clear the temp folder? Cheers.
  20. I don't know why CC is not identifying your old temp files, but why not copy those few files you wish to keep into a new folder, then just run CC to remove the rest? It's always a little flaky to hold files you may wish to keep in a temp folder. Rgds.
  21. It depends. If you don't have the option ticked in your browser to delete temp files at any time, if you have the delete temp internet files ticked in CCleaner, if you use the secure deletion one pass in CC settings, then the temp internet files will be overwritten and not recoverable. The index.data files have info on url's visited. If you use CC to remove them then they will be deleted on PC reboot. However they will not be overwritten by CC no matter what option you have chosen (as CC is not doing the deletion). But the space they occupy will be overwritten in time as you create new fil
  22. What size does Recuva say is the deleted file? What file organisation is the hd? Are you sure you have plenty of spare space (not on the external hd!) to recover the file? How much have you written to the hd since the file deletion? Disconnect the hd now until this forum and you have a) recovered the file, or given up.
  23. Do you mean that CC Analyser produces a report and then starts again? Or that the little green bar at the top of the window makes many passes? If the former then I've never heard of that happening. If the latter, as I rather suspect, it's just taking a long time to analyse, as Rhoney says. Wait until it's finished and then run Clean. If you use CC weekly (say) then you won't get such a large buildup of obsolete files and Analyse will be speedy. Rgds.
  24. First the silly questions. Have you ticked the Tempoary Internet Files box on CCleaner? What version of CC are you running (earlier versions did not overwrite temp internet files).
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