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  1. Many thanks Arkie_angel. If Hotmail uses Live SignIn Assistant, then that explains why CCleaner can't clear it.
  2. Hi, couple of questions 1 - When I go to Hotmail, I'm presented with a list of my four Windows Live IDs (email addresses) to select Login against. Why doesn't CCleaner clean these email addresses from wherever they are stored? p.s. How are they stored? (I tried ticking clean I.E. Autocomplete in CCleaner but that didn't fix it) 2 - If I remember correctly, used to have a .sol file in my ignore list (which was set to "always ask" etc) as I found CCleaner used to delete .sols, meaning Flash defaulted to "allow cookie" etc. Anyway, I forgot to make a note of the file location etc, when I uninstalled and installed a later version of CCleaner. Now I can't find where .sols are stored on my Vista PC anymore. They just don't seem to exist on my system even after visiting sites that used to use flash cookies etc. Are they still used? Where are they? Many thanks, in advance.
  3. I'm having exactly the same problem. I'm running Vista and the following link looks like it could be on to the reason. http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/05/26/v...story-location/ After cleaning my history still there. After disabling User Access Control the history is gone (because IE7 is now looking elsewhere?). Turn UAC back on and the history is back. Looks like Protected Mode security of Vista is buggering everything up (but giving better security I guess). Anyone here know if this is what's causing the problem?
  4. I have Vista Home Premium and am running CCleaner 1.40.520 When I run cleaner from a user account that didn't install CCleaner (but an Admin user) either as normal or 'As Administrator' my IE history is not deleted. Sometimes it says under the Details of files deleted Marked for deletion c:/....blah..blah../IE5/History.. etc. (weird as I'm running IE7) But the history isn't deleted anyway. I've now established that if I disable User Account Control, IE history disappears, but when I re-enable UAC, the history comes back from nowhere!!! What the h*ll is going on? How can I make CCleaner work with Vista? Thanks.
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