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  1. I'm a great fan of CC which I use all the time. Just want to report a couple of glitches which I have noticed after installing the latest CC version: Windows Defender - CC is removing details of the last Defender run date and type from the initial screen. It reverts to details of the run before the CC upgrade. Have had to uncheck the WD box in CC Applications to stop this behaviour. Office XP - CC is removing my settings in Word XP eg. I like to keep the Ruler turned off. After I run CC the setting is lost. Unchecking Office XP in CC Applications means that the Word XP setting is retained after pc reboot. Would be good if these can be resolved in future CC Release.
  2. I run CCleaner with XP SP2 and IE7 - it's always been fine. I updated CC about a week ago and now everytime I run "Issues" it shows both .386 and .vxd. I resolve these and run Issues again straightaway but .386 and .vxd are there again. The only other recent change to my PC is that I have run Regseeker recently. Do I need to worry? How can I resolve these 2 issues permanently. Grateful for any advice, please.
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