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  1. That's not how I understand the definition, but I'm probably wrong. My understanding is that "form history" is forms on web pages and "search history" is from the search terms entered in the FireFox search box. FireFox uses the expression "remember search and form history" as if search history and form history are two different things that happen to have the same option at the moment. It seems that the problem might be a limitation of FireFox, rather than CCleaner. https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/749922 Thanks. Rob
  2. Thanks again for your reply. I'm not sure what jumpListCache does, but I'll have a quick look. I've just updated to Firefox 8.0 and have a slightly different problem to the one I had in Firefox 7.0. I've started a new thread about this: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=34340
  3. I've updated to Firefox 8.0 and have a slightly different problem: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=34340
  4. In CCleaner, I have the following options ticked: Internet Cache Internet History Cookies Download History Session Saved Form Information and these options unticked: Site Preferences Saved Passwords Compact Databases In Firefox, I have "remember search and form history" ticked. CCleaner correctly deletes my form history, but also deletes my search history. Could this be corrected in a future version of CCleaner, so that only the form history is cleared when "Saved Form Information" is selected? Edit: I'm running WinXP-Home-SP3 and V3.12.1572 of CCleaner.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I haven't updated to 8.0 yet, but have had a problem with cleaning 7.0.
  6. I know that the latest version of CCleaner supports Firefox 8.0 Beta, but does it support the release version of Firefox 8.0, which was released recently? I expected this to already be discussed in the forum, but I can't see it mentioned anywhere. I hope I've posted in the correct section. This isn't really a bug, but I wasn't sure where else to post it.
  7. I have "remember search and form history" ticked in Firefox 7.0.1 and "Saved Form Information" ticked in CCleaner. With these options, I would expect: My search history to be remembered by Firefox and not deleted by CCleaner. My form history to be remembered by Firefox, but deleted by CCleaner. Unless I'm missing something, the opposite seems to be true. My form history is available when I open Firefox, but my search history isn't. I've searched the forum, but can't find anybody else mentioning this. Has anybody else experienced this? I'm using the latest version of CCleaner a
  8. I haven't figured out how to stop IE8 from creating the cookies when I open it, but I have figured out how to allow CCleaner to remove them. Export the cookies to cookies.txt. Get IE8 to remove all cookies (including those for favourite sites). Import the cookies from cookies.txt. I then end up with one copy of each cookie whenever I open IE8, which CCleaner can easily delete. I'm not that bothered about the cookies appearing whenever I open IE8, because I only use it once a month to download the monthly security updates. I have IE8 installed on my work PC with what appears t
  9. Thanks for clearing things up. If the guys at Piriform are unable to get CCleaner to work with Office 2000, I doubt that I will be able to with a winapp2.ini entry. Thanks for the suggestion though. Should I post a comment in the CCleaner Suggestions subform? Rob
  10. Looks like I'm not the only one having problems with the atdmt cookie. http://www.vistaheads.com/forums/microsoft...oming-back.html https://www.microsoft.com/communities/newsg...cr=US&sloc= http://forums.cnet.com/5208-6132_102-0.html?threadID=348991 I think I'll just live with it, unless I can get Spybot or SpywareBlaster to block it.
  11. Thanks for your help. The cookies are pretty harmless. I would like to find out how to delete them, but don't want to waste your time. The cookies are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files. I do have MSN Messenger installed, but find this problem occurs even when MSN messenger isn't running (which it wasn't in safe mode). Google is my default search provider, but I do have "Live Search" listed as another option. I've also got the Google and Norton toolbars. The Google toolbar is hidden, the Norton one isn't. Thanks again.
  12. I wasn't able to delete them in safe mode. I also tried opening a DOS shell, but the DOS shell didn't list the cookies when I used DIR /A. Oh well, I'll just have to live with them.
  13. I hope that I've posted this in the correct place, and that it hasn't already been discussed in a previous thread. When I open IE8, 6 cookies are created straight away: atdmt.com bing.com live.com msn.com windowsmarketplace.com zune.net My homepage is set to "about:blank", so I assume that it's some of the default Microsoft toolbars that are creating the cookies. At first sight, this didn't seem to be a problem - all six appear in CCleaner's "Cookies to Delete" section, and are then not in that section after I've run CCleaner. However, when I looked at the cookies in the Temp
  14. I've got a similiar problem. I've got Office 2000 and FrontPage XP installed on WinXP-Home-SP3. CCleaner lists Office XP under Applications, but doesn't list Office 2000. I only realised this when I noticed that the Office Clipboard in Office 2000 isn't emptied when CCleaner runs. I'm using V2.24.1010, which I think is the latest version.
  15. Looking at the cookies section in the latest version (2.20.920), it says "This includes cookies from all internet browsers and Flash plugins). I assume that all these old cookies that "re-appeared" were Adobe Flash cookies, and CCleaner only started cleaning these cookies when we noticed this problem. In other words, they have always been there, but CCleaner didn't know about them until recently.
  16. Could you link to the post that discussed CCleaner keeping logs? Those old cookies must have come from somewhere.... Update: I've just found the thread - http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=21809. I'd still like to know where those old cookies came from though.
  17. Your workaround seems to work OK. Thanks for posting it.
  18. Interesting work-around, I'll try it and see how I get on. There are still two important questions that should be answered: 1) Why does CCleaner keep logs covering such a long time-span? 2) How do we view and delete these logs? Rob
  19. I don't know if this is relevant, but when CCleaner runs during start-up, the CCleaner icon stays next to the clock (is that the "notification area"?) until I move my mouse over it, when it disappears. When I run CCleaner manually, the icon only appears when CCleaner is actually running. This has happened ever since the small icon was introduced. This happens on all the PCs I have installed CCleaner on, but I seem to remember it was supposed to have been fixed a few months ago. This has never bothered me before (in fact, I would have considered it normal behaviour if I hadn't read about it
  20. I'm glad I'm not the only person who's experienced this, I was beginning to think I was imagining it. Uninstalling and reinstalling CCleaner would probably solve the problem, and wouldn't be that much hassle. However, I think there's an important point here. This has shown that CCleaner must keep a log of what it's deleted over the last few months. I assume that a log of the previous clean is needed for debugging, but surely keeping logs for the last few months isn't necessary, and isn't what I expect from a program that's supposed to get rid of clutter! I'm sorry to sound negative, I
  21. I don't know whether this helps, but I've got a bit more information. When I visit a website that has cookies that I don't want to save, close down FF, and then open CCleaner, I find that only the cookies added by the new site are listed in the "Cookies to delete" section. I then close down CCleaner, and run it by right-mouse-clicking on the recycle bin. When I open CCleaner again, I find the whole list of old cookies appears again. I tried unticking the "run CCleaner at start-up" option, but this hasn't solved the problem, so I've ticked it again. A lot of the old cookies are trac
  22. I don't know what you mean by "5 mb". I don't think that my problem is related to IE8, but it is related to the latest upgrade.
  23. Thanks for your reply. Cookies and Index.dat are both selected under Internet Explorer. Cookies is selected under Firefox on the PC that is running Firefox. It's as if CCleaner keeps a log of all the cookies that it's deleted over the last few months, and has suddenly decided to display that log when I look at the cookies on the PC. No other programs seem to know anything about these cookies. This also happens on a 3rd PC that is running WinXP-Home-SP3 with NIS2009 (IE8 but not Firefox). If I've found this problem on 3 PCs, surely I can't be the only person to have experienced it.
  24. There seem to be quite a few posts about people finding cookies being deleted when they shouldn't be deleted. I use Firefox most of the time, but have upgraded to IE8 and the latest version of CCleaner today, and have found a different problem. When I view my cookies in FF and IE, everything seems OK. However, when I look at the cookies setting in CCleaner, there are dozens of cookies in the "to delete section". These cookies are cookies for sites that I haven't visited for months (and I run CCleaner whenever I boot up). Neither FF or IE is aware of these cookies, so where did CCleaner sud
  25. I saw a pop-up that I wasn't expecting when I clicked on "check for updates" a few weeks ago. I closed everything down, and ran various spyware and virus checks. They all found nothing, and I haven't experienced anything similar since then. At the time, I assumed it was a particularly persistent pop-up from a previous site that I must have visited.
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