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  1. I opened a thread here http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=10642 Don't know if it's a bug or not.
  2. Hi I have some questions about security of Windows XP SP2 and IE 7 1. There are a lot of cookies in cookies folder belonging to different sites. Some of them store passwords in text format. Can some web site read information from COOKIE OF ANOTHER SITE? Hope this is impossible. Just want to know. 2. When I enter information in web forms, e.g. in google search system, my requests are saved (autocomplete is on). Can other sites get this data? I opened some other search system web page and my google requests are there in it's search box. Moreover there's a graphic ad banner with example of MY google search request and text somewhat "we can find everything for you". Of cause I presume there no viruses, trojans, spyware in the system. Cause if they exist, anything can happen.
  3. OK I thought CCleaner can cope with deleting passwords. But what about Internet Explorer 7 history?
  4. Hi Thanks for wonderful program. Very comfortable and useful indeed. Here are 2 problems I noticed: 1. I run CCleaner 1.40 (also tried older version). Then Internet Explorer 7 shows clean history. After that I run Passcape Internet Explorer Password Recovery. MISCELLANEOUS - view Internet Explorer URL history cache. A lot of erased history data are still there. URL, hit rate, access date etc. If I delete history from Internet Explorer, it erases history completely, so Passcape Internet Explorer Password Recovery can't find anything. 2. After I cleaned Firefox 2, the program Multi Password Recovery shows all passwords to web sites, stored by Firefox 2. I thoght that that information has to be deleted by CCleaner. Hope this will help and hope for you reply.
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