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  1. Hi guys


    Since I don't have a fixed Internet connection "no land line" I rely on a mobile broad band router> (Netgear Nighthawk M1) my ISP is Telstra they are the only ones that have this mobile router.

    This hot spot wifi device is rated as the fastest and most up to date device of it's type on the Australian market.

    So I'm wondering if any of you have and use mobile Internet connections "full time or part time" + what sort of speeds are you getting?

    Here's my test results.

    The Melbourne server is about 300km from my place.



  2. Hi legendsofbatsman


    I have the same issue occasionally and in my case it's a program (itunes) that causes a huge memory dump when I close it.

    Windows pops a  message up about Data Execution Prevention bla bla...

    If you right click "System Memory Dumps" in the Analysis list and view "Detailed Results" you can see what program has caused this.

    Not saying only itunes dose this... just an example' and maybe you have a different problem. 

  3. Could just be crappy new drivers or drivers your system doesn't like, try an older version of drivers and see if they give you any issues.


    Could also be the GPU (graphics card) is starting to die. At 2 years old that's the longest any of them have ever lasted in my system before needing replacement - and I don't play any PC games.


    If you have another GPU that's not being used anymore which is compatible with your system you could use it to test with to figure out if that MSI GPU you have is starting to fail.

    Hi Andervari


    The current driver for this card has been installed and running with no problems for age's  :)

    As for the card starting to die ? well I got 6 years out of my old original ATI card before the fan on the card failed... apart from the fan' the card still worked... until the temp got to much for it  :lol:

    Anyway thanks all for the suggestions :)  

    I think I've got just got to bite the bullet and get a new machine... had this for 8 years... so bye bye Vista ! and hello Windows 10  B)

  4. Hi mta 


    I'm using Nvidia's Driver version and the Geforce gui states that the driver is up to date.

    The card is about 2 year's old and I'm running "High performance" power settings in Windows > No Sleep, No Hibernation, etc.

    Windows Device Manager reports that (This device is working properly)

  5. Hi guy's


    This has been happening a bit lately :o

    Basically I get a black screen for 1 or 2 seconds and then a pop-up message from windows saying that "The video card driver stopped working and has now recovered"

    I have the latest driver for this >  NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 (MSI) card + I'm running at default settings... no over clocking bla bla bla on this very low grade card.

    I'm wondering If my power supply might be failing ? This card only draws 30 watt' however this black screen issue only happens when my PC is doing very little or at idle ?

    If I'm watching full screen HD video or playing a 3D resource hungry game it's ok :blink:


    Oh yeah I'm still using Vista  :unsure:


    Any ideas, help...





  6. Hi missminerva


    With speccy I can see my neighbors wifi info as well' and can also see their network in the list of available networks to join via Windows "Network and Sharing Center"> if I had their password  :lol:

    I assume that they can see my info too.

    Keep your network security enabled ! 

    And make sure a password is needed to join your network !  


    This is the response from Zemana:


    (Dear User,
    Thank you for contacting Zemana technical support.
    Usually you can uninstall Zemana AntiMalware using the standard Add/Remove Software control panel if you can not for some reasons your old installation files get corrupted. Most likely that is happens if you have used any third party uninstaller or registry cleaner software.please download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility from here and try to uninstall with it.


    The link for "Windows Installer Cleanup" opens a page with 404 not found

  8. I have made sure I only buy 3 button mouses? (mice?, whatever) for years for that very reason.

    and if you get a mouse with the middle button as a wheel, you can tilt it left and right to do all manner of lovely stuff on docs, web pages and many more.

    Clicking my center mouse button "wheel" lets my scroll without scrolling  :D Just move my mouse in any direction.

     /\       \/          <          >

    UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT :rolleyes:  

  9. Neither Craig it is "NBN fixed wireless" go to: http://www.nbnco.com.au/learn-about-the-nbn/network-technology/fixed-wireless-explained.html for a correct explanation.


    There are two areas that the NBN fixed wireless are being tested at present. My speed is excellent and adequate (25/5) compared to 3G which I was using. 


    A fixed wireless connection is typically used in circumstances where the distance between premises can be many kilometres. In this circumstance data travels from a transmission tower located as much as 14kms from a premises to a rooftop antenna that has been fitted by an approved nbn™ Installer.


    In my case I use Aussie Broadband at a cost of $60.00 per month with a DL limit of 500gig / month. So no complaints from me. Fixed wireless is supposed to be provided to that 10-15% of Australia that will not get the so-called normal "NBN".  

    Ok thanks for the info  :)

    Will be having a chat to my ISP soon since my 2 year contract with my 4G device is almost up.

  10. Glad that you got it fixed mate! :)


    By the way, I was away on a trip/holiday so I haven't put much attention into my 'problem'. Basically the guy from Microsoft suggests the same thing as you did before, but with TreeSize Free instead of WizTree... Right now I'm losing hope to find the cause and fix for that magically dissapeared free space. I will not defrag with Defraggler till I somehow find the cause of it. Anyway, I'll see what the Microsoft guy has to say.

    Hey Dreamcookies  :)

    I'm using "Windows Vista" so the steps I did in the post's above worked for Vista. 

    For Windows 10 or any other Windows OS' I don't know  :blink: ?

    AS for finding the missing GB's maybe give WizTree a go... the results may be different ? 

  11. Hang in there Craig, I like you am located in the Sth West of Vic (Grampians) but have access to "fixed wireless" which is excellent so hopefully it will be in your area soon, although I'm not sure where you are. 


    Not sure what file format your movies are but I run Kodi_XBMC (free download) on my Nexus 7 Android 6.0 tablet which works well for movies which I use when 4 x 4 wandering, movies stored on a USB hard drive connected via "OTG" connecter cable.


    Hope the above may assist, let me know.

    Hi Tasgandy  :)

    Pomonal ! Yeah I know where that is ! And I know the Grampians like the back of my hand :lol: I actually went to school at Halls Gap when I was a kid ! many many years ago.

    These days I live in Hamilton.

    Now when you say "fixed wireless" do you mean "FON" or "Telstra Air" or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    My downloaded movies from Google Play are only playable on an Android device' or a Chrome Book' or through Chrome Cast to a TV  :unsure:

    That's why I'm considering Android on my PC.

  12. On an android device you can drag down the notification bar and access settings... so I wonder ifcan't open it via "top line notification" nor can't cancel it though it's been offered. ) is what  rattazong is saying ?

    And as for "Smart Manager" ... on my Samsung Tablet I have to manually use it's features > in this case the RAM TAB which then gives you a choice to ether end all app's or selectively end only selected app;s. 


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