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  1. While reading through the forum I found some tips that said to run the program as administrator. I run in an admin account on my computer but tried it anyway. I found an additional 224MB of crap and cleaned again. Voila, everything was removed. Why does the program find and remove more junk when you choose to run as an admin, even if you login to your system with admin rights?
  2. I have a number of files that will no longer delete even though they are marked for deletion. I also have 21 registry entries doing the same. This just recently started as I have been using this program for a couple of years with no previous similar issues. This is on a Vista Business laptop. I've been using the program on this laptop and didn't have the problem previously. I think this started with the last version upgrade but can't be sure. I have attached a .pdf that shows a screen shot of the items that aren't being cleaned. I'm running version 1.40.520 of the program. ccleaner.pdf ccleaner.pdf
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