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  1. Also the latest version don't clean history and cookies here. Regardless whether I'm logged in as an admin or not. greetz
  2. Hello, hve similar problem under Vista Home Premium but nothing is different whether I?m work as Admin (right click on Icon) or not. Hve checked both the 139.0.502 and 140.0.520 Version of the Cleaner. First prove tt anything went wrong is immy after installation. Whilst check has been set for both, "icon on desk top" and "entry in start program" both do not showing up. But i can find the installation under program and start CCleaner. I try to start w/ Internet Explorer and result is as descibed by other users above: Data will be analysed and after run, confirmation is given tt they has been deleted. But when i open the browser i still find the history data and also cookies and Temp. Internet Files are still there. Any idea how to fix or should i better wait for next version ? It`s easy to delete this data under Windows Internet options. Unless this problem is fixed i of course will not use the CCleaner for other items like "Windows Explorer" and "System". Thks in advance for yr help. bandog
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