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  1. I'm taking here about IE7 - but my fix will work for any browser. I manually set the google.com cookie in the cleaner.in file I just created. Then, sure enough, I restarted CCLEANER and I now see it in the ccleaner cookie to keep file. Now it works...I couldnt duplicate the problem on my laptop either. Anyway it works now.
  2. I am using IE7 Maybe IE7 isnt compatable with ccleaner? I am positive it's a ccleaner problem because GOOGLE's PREFERENCES change back to default only AFTER I run ccleaner. To be even more specific Google sets a cookie: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Cookies\user@google[3].txt but some reason ccleaner does not recognize it in OPTIONS, COOKIES, COOKIES TO DELETE (From there you can choose to KEEP the Cookie). I think it doesnt recognize the cookie because google changes it sometimes to user@google[2].txt or google[3].txt so how can we set an exemption for this? I see where to change the ini file or registry for cookies exemptions, but can I use wildcards in there: i.e.: user@google[*].txt ?? I do see the cookie however in the CLEANER screen. I set the SHOW DETAILED log file for IE BUT I cant find where the file is actually saved on my hard drive?????
  3. GOOGLE has an option to set it to default search for 100 entries per page..plusother settings as well. All these settings are stored in a cookie. I usually had GOOGLE's cookies set under ccleaner;s OPTIONS, COOKIES, Cookines to keep. But now it doesnt work anymore. I found GOOGLE sets a cookie C:\Documents and Settings\user\Cookies\user@google[3].txt 337 bytes BUT this cookie doesnt even show in the COOKIES TO DELETE section so I cant set it under COOKIES TO KEEP. It does show in the main ccleaner window if I set CCLEANER to delete all cookies. Can this be fixed??? Joliet
  4. CCleaner Deletes Control Panel, Power Options, Monitor Shutdown times. How do I avoid this? I am using Windows XP SP2 & current CCleaner.
  5. GOOGLE's Preferences for 100 results is a great setting for high speed connections. It allows many more search results to be displayed on one screen. BUT CCleaner - which I seem to be using 3 times per week keeps erasing that particular temp file or whatever - and so each time I use CCleaner I would love if CCleaner had a setting that would not delete that GOOGLE preference of 100 searches per page.
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