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  1. Turkish army use comodo at single internet computers
  2. i am using Turkish windows xp pro, i dont see sp3 when i visit microsoft update page, do i need to wait Turkish version of sp3? or that package is multilanguage?
  3. where can i find the older versions of CCleaner? if it is possible portable versions...
  4. we have that http://www.CCleaner.com/download/builds
  5. erasing that folder is not safe, but how about "eula.txt" files keep in all hotfix folders?
  6. you know any free and serious program that what total commander make? i mean with compressed files thing, ftp manager etc...
  7. try that way, i did not try but maybe it is posible dont save your settings to ini file then it will be in registry? find the regkey that saves your history then you can add them in CCleaner winapp2.ini file for clean... CCleaner only cleans files and reg entries, not part of ini files...
  8. you need to open media player classic option and uncheck "keep history of recently opened files" then your problem will fix
  9. thanks for answers, now i am sure it is safe to delete that files, but; C:\WINDOWS\Help\Tours\mmTour\tour.exe when i erase tour.exe it seems windows erase, but it turns back after 3 seconds, mmTour folder windows not allow me to erase that is it strange? C:\WINDOWS\system32\tourstart.exe is coming back after restart and it seems Bold Fortune's favorite thing is erasing windows files lol ^^ c:\>deltree *.* but thanks that man for that guide too, there is much useful informations
  10. it is safe to erase that folder? about 22-23 mb total C:\WINDOWS\Help\Tours and that file C:\WINDOWS\clock.avi
  11. very good idea, these are from another tool about it... *.tmp *.bak *.~* ~*.* *.??~ *.chk chklist.* *.ftg *.fts *.gid *._mp *.syd *.wbk *.xlk *.cdr_ *.#Res *.@@@ *.--- mscreate.dir 0???????.nch
  12. when i opened that topic i didnt know that we can add new applications with a new winapp2.ini file, it is very good thing too, i need to report that... and i checked just 2 minutes ago, CCleaner cleans the log files of spybot-s&d in that folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Logs and statistics.ini file in that folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Spybot - Search & Destroy\ Recovery and Snapshots files necessary, i know, i didnt make "<--------" sign for them when i writed at first message... maybe Excludes will be necessary for me later too, i can ignore some application from spybot-s&d. so backup folder is not important for me, i can just add an application to winapp2.ini file for myself so that problem fixed for me. thanks JDPower and Andavari for answers about it... i am going to clean that spybot part of my message...
  13. i dont ignore anything at spybot s&d but maybe excludes files can be necessary, 0kb all of them!! i dont touch recovery and snapshots they are necessary files i think... but backups and logs are not necesarry if you know what happened and what did you do with your spy-bot - s&d! my pc is safety and works properly... it was 25-30 mb backup files and logs when i first erased by hand...
  14. hello all, i am new at the board and that is my first message. first i need to say thanks very much to maker of that perfect program especially for free, i use it for 2 months at first time it cleaned over 600mb unnecessary files... i allways look for updates to the site... now i have some questions and suggestions about that program. * at the tools > uninstall section, we can change the program names at the list, why not we cant see the program icons and change the icons at the list like at "your installer!" program? * why not CCleaner dont remove internet explorer 7 update uninstallers? * i know the main theme of the program is cleaner for unnecessary files but why not there isnt a start menu ordering tool, i am asking because there is a "start up" set tool at the program... * i read informations about $hf_mig$ folder, it is ok but what about that ones are they neccessary? will they be at the new version? $NtServicePackUninstallIDNMitigationAPIs$ $NtServicePackUninstallNLSDownlevelMapping$ * screensaver uninstaller would be cool... * "no yahoo toolbar at the installer" is the one difference between Standard Build and Basic Version? i need to report there is some wrongs in turkish language at the basic version they were my suggestions and questions, thanks... ^^
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