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  1. 1.)When making inclusions and you are adding folders with long path names, the end gets cut off. Not sure if this is sure for Exclusions.


    2.)In the program uninstaller part, when attempting to delete an entry of a program that has been installed by windows installer, a popup with no words pops up. Before it said that MSI files can't be deleted or something like that.


    Not sure about the first issue but the second, yes I get that as well.

    It is definitely a bug.

  2. What about removing it with Windows built-in Add or Remove programs?

    I know for a fact that if a program setup is compiled with Windows Installer it will cause the uninstall portion to want CCleaner closed in order to proceed with the uninstall.


    Everything works on Add or Remove in the Control Panel, I can uninstall anything without a problem.

    I have rolled back to the previous version of CCleaner until I know what is wrong.

  3. In the new 1.40 Version, I go to select a program to uninstall then click Run uninstaller and I get a box come up saying 'Error 5: Invaild procedure call or argument', I thought it might just be to do with the program I want uninstall files..but it wasn't as I tried about 5 different programs to uninstall and they all said the same thing.


    I never got this problem before 1.40..I'm guessing this is a Bug.


    Many Thanks, Wiggles.



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