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  1. Not sure about the first issue but the second, yes I get that as well. It is definitely a bug.
  2. The new design looks brill! I can't wait for CCleaner v2! But will you be releasing the beta or the final version?
  3. Everything works on Add or Remove in the Control Panel, I can uninstall anything without a problem. I have rolled back to the previous version of CCleaner until I know what is wrong.
  4. In the new 1.40 Version, I go to select a program to uninstall then click Run uninstaller and I get a box come up saying 'Error 5: Invaild procedure call or argument', I thought it might just be to do with the program I want uninstall files..but it wasn't as I tried about 5 different programs to uninstall and they all said the same thing. I never got this problem before 1.40..I'm guessing this is a Bug. Many Thanks, Wiggles.
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