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  1. Hey petebest,

    I guess I forgot to add some details in my previous post. :P

    I'm using "XP Pro SP2" and if you are also wondering,

    I have tried the methods mentioned with the "Old Prefetch data"

    option "On" and "Off" an it made no difference.


    Thanks for trying to help, but I've already tried the method that you've suggested, :( and

    tried using that piece of code that I've posted in my previous post for my "winapp2.ini" file.

    I used those methods with every release after version "",

    and it always failed to clean the files in the "Prefetch" folder,

    even while using both the "Normal and Secure file deletion" settings.


    Now, with version " (BETA)" with the "Normal file deletion" setting selected,

    sometimes (...well...rarely) some files (but never all) get deleted in the "Prefetch" folder.

    But if I decide to use the "Secure file deletion" setting (which I always use), then no files

    get deleted at all. I can see the "Prefetch" files when I do an "Analyze" but when I decide

    to "Run Cleaner", I don't see those files among the deleted, because they were never cleaned.

    But if I go to "Analyze' again, those "Prefetch" files are still there. :(


    Why is it that version "" worked perfectly fine with the "Prefetch" folder,

    but with every release afterwards has failed to do any cleaning set by the user?

    Will this get fixed?


    I'm sorry Hobo, but I really don't know. I use vista premium and everything works except for some cookie deletions. I guess we each have found a bug. It's still in beta so I'm confident they will fix it.

  2. I don't think it has anything to do with Normal or Secure more; I noticed that prefetch files are only deleted if they are older than 14 days.


    So, you better off following petebest's advice...


    Try Cleaner/Windows/Advanced and uncheck the item Old Prefetch Data. But still create the C:\windows\prefetch\*.* custom option.

  3. Why is it that CCleaner still can't delete files in the "Prefetch" folder? It used to work very well in version "" while using "Normal and Secure file deletion", but after that version, every release has failed to do it at all! Why?...


    Below is the piece of code that I've always used (and it always worked) in my "winapp2.ini" file:



    [*Prefetch Data]LangSecRef=3004DetectFile=%windir%\PrefetchDefault=TrueFileKey1=%windir%\Prefetch|*.*



    Now, with version 2.0, it sometimes (but not often) deletes the files in the "Prefetch" folder, but only in "Normal" mode and not at all in the "Secure" modes (which I always use). Is this a bug, and if so, will it be fixed soon?



    You may want to use the Options/Includes menu and add the folder


    Also if you have Windows Vista, then run CCleaner as the Administrator.

  4. In Vista, the default account type, even though it says Administrator, doesn't really have full admin permissions.


    I don't know why CCleaner found more stuff, but that "Run as administrator" is what allowed you to remove that stuff.


    It might help if we knew what type of file the additional stuff was . . .


    Here are a few whoppers I got rid of "running as administrator";


    C:\Windows\TEMP\WinSAT_DX.etl 6.00MB

    C:\Windows\TEMP\WinSAT_KernelLog.etl 14.0MB

    C:\Windows\TEMP\WinSAT_StorageAsmt.etl 3.00MB

    C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP 227.5MB

    C:\Windows\system32\wbem\Logs\WMITracing.log 16.0MB

    C:\Windows\TEMP\B6CA5095-D41A-4300-8A84-2C2FF4A03EB8 13.2MB

  5. i have the following folders in C:\Program Files that i would love to delete but they refuse to die. im using windows xp.



    outlook express


    msn gaming zone

    microsoft frontpage


    when i attempt to delete, they say "cannot delete, being used by another person or program" but i know this is false because of the context of the folders or they are just plain empty all the time. for example i never play the games from msn but they always claim they are in use, its not true, its a lie!


    i have tried booting off a different harddisk and deleting the folders, but when i boot again they are back!


    i have a program called MoveOnBoot but that only works with files.


    is there anyway to permanently delete these folders?


    thanks you!


    I think you are using the free version of MoveOnBoot. If you download the 30 trial of the 2.9 version of MoveOnBoot, it should delete the files. I used it on the Eeye Security Blink Software files that remained after uninstall and it worked. It took me 6 weeks to find it. Hope this helps and also saves you alot of time. GiPo@FileUtilities 2.9 (English) EXE-Setup (0.9 Mb)

  6. The Piriform website says "The best software is free!", free is can be interpreted in many ways, such as in the sense of freedom and in gratis (free of charge). Example;

    * Free as in free beer.

    * Free as in freedom.


    Now while the best software may be free of charge, I would also argue that the best software is free of unnescesary bundled junk like toolbars.


    And how can it be free, if I cant alter it, cant inspect the source code, etc?


    To me, it is free of charge. But it isnt much more free than that in that sense.



    Then don't use it. Build your own.

  7. Hi Everyone

    It always a joy to receive the downloads for new versions of CC Cleaner and i have to say a nice little bit of software for getting crap off my m/c quickly.


    But please forgive me for having a serious winge on this download. Getting an unsolicited Yahoo toolbar as a bonus is not playing the game. I see it as just as bad an intrusion of my privacy and rights as when i receive unsolicited spyware. Please stop it - PLEASE.





    People becoming new members in the last few hours just to slam new release. I don't believe it. Bogus aliases. Bad Mojo.

  8. I did the same but the antivirus popped up anyway...

    Maybe it's just a false positive but I want to be on the safe side.

    BTW, this is the first time I was offered to install a 3rd party program along with CCleaner. Previous versions were clean right?




    Uninstall then reboot and reinstall CCleaner. Unclick yahoo toolbar (it is the first I have seen it offered - but that's your free choice). One other thing I use Mcafee firewall and antivirus and have Computer Associates Pest Patrol in memory - you might want to add those programs if you have an always on cable modem)

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