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  1. Hi all, I'm a big fan of your work. The CCleaner program has been a really good program and I use it everyday. Recuva on the other hand has been very difficult to use. Well, not to use but to understand how to use is complicated. I can recover my files which is good but I can't use them. I accidently deleted a song that I shouldn't have and I used the Recuva program to retrieve it. I got it back but it does not work. I have tried all different sorts of Media Players such as WMP 11, RealPlayer 11, iTunes 7, etc. and it still does not work. its a normal MP3 file. Can someone please
  2. Moinul

    RealPlayer 11

    The quality is the same as when you're viewing it. Most of the youtube videos aint that spectacular in quality so thats what you're getting. I downloaded Starcraft 2 intro video and that was awsome quality. It is faster than the regular rate of downloads.
  3. That is obvious. Hot air rises. What I'm about to say is serious and not a stupid joke. You can test if hot air rises by farting. You can also see the hot air rise when you're taking a shower. When you are taking a piss (the hot air from the urine rises). Steam from a boiler. Simple experiments without the use of a teabag, tray and matchbox.
  4. I give it a rating of 9.5/10. I have to say it is the best movie I have ever seen in my 20 year life!!! Can't wait till it comes out on BD.
  5. Moinul

    RealPlayer 11

    After testing it for these days. I have to say that RealPlayer 11 has really become my number one choice for using it to view my videos and to listen to music. And the recording thing is awsome. I've been downloading all day. Mostly videos from YouTube. and just videos in general. Its so easy and so fast. I have not discovered any bugs yet and it hasn't even crashed once. It makes me wander what will the final version be like if the first beta has already past all my expectations. Conclusion I give it a rating of 9.5/10. It lost marks on its apperearance. Its similar to the WMP11
  6. Moinul

    RealPlayer 11

    I'm not sure whether or not you said was a joke. Forgive me, please. English is not my first language. In case you are serious. No, it does not phone home. It is a new the first and only player at the moment that can record video from the Internet.
  7. Moinul

    RealPlayer 11

    Hey everyone, Realplayer 11 was announced a while ago and I have been testing it since. Its cool as. The newest feature is that it allows you to record all video that you see without the protection of DRM. Here's the article, New RealPlayer simplifies capturing video off the Web There's a ton of terrific video on the Web, and a lot more stuff that's plain goofy. (For evidence, look no further than some of the homegrown videos on YouTube.) You'd love to save clips on your computer to share a laugh with friends or watch off-line. Only the process, at least for non-techies, is too
  8. Sorry, but I don't get it. Anyone care to explain?
  9. Hi all, My DVD/CD drive is not working. It started happening a couple of days ago. I am not sure how it happened nor do i know how to fix it. Please help me out. My laptop is an Acer TravelMate 2400. Any help will be much appreciated. Regards, Moinul
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