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  1. I manage by simply using the Alt Tab function to bring other windows into use.I do agree though that a minimise function would be useful.
  2. There is some debate as to whether removing prefetch files is a good thing or not. Best thing I can do is to post this URL; http://www.edbott.com/weblog/archives/000743.html
  3. My computer came with the full version of Webroot's Spysweeper installed, and it's a superb program. Previously I had relied on AdAware and Spybot but although these two freeware programs are good as far as they go they fall a long,long way behind Spysweeper. One advantage is that it's on all the time-it will even block access to sites where it knows there will be spyware (this block can be removed at your own risk) The other thing I do for both spyware and virus protection-and this is available free for all users-is NEVER,EVER use Internet Explorer for browsing.I use Firefox but there are other good browsers available too.It's also a lot more capable and adaptable browser. I've seen one security expert state that Firefox without virus/spyware protection is still safer than Internet Explorer with.
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