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  1. Yeah I've have windows 7 and yeah I've those options, while they do help depending on the number of windows opened... it really does not help that much when it comes of more than 2 windows, not that much. I can't think of someone who uses more than 2 Hrad Disk or more than 2 partitions that wouldn't find handy an application that could allow you too move freely, without wasting much space, in seven win+tab is quite good to see what's going on your desk but neither alt+tab win+tab or spacebar + tab are an efficient solution to this. Although i do like the idea of having a bar like the alt+tab shows, somewhere to the left of my desktop with drag and drop functionality.
  2. Greetings, In my office I generally have to get multiples windows all at the time, I know as well that some users have several windows or applications open @ time and moving around them becomes a bloody hell. So here is what I'm looking for, I need an application that could allow me to switch and work with non maximized windows, I was thinking about something that minimizes these windows as thumbnails making it quickly accessible trough a click, also with drag and drop support, in case i want to move a file from a windows (Local Disk C:) to the thumbnail window (Local Disk D:). Is there anything like that available, if not, Piritform it would be a handy application in my humble opinion.
  3. Is possible to recover files from a formatted hard drive?... any recomendation?...
  4. First at all... are you guys reading at all the technet and/or ie blog?... If not then you are ignoring that this is beta 1.. It have been already established that this version of IE is for Web Dev. IE8 beats firefox in speed, I don't t know if it beats opera but someoene will test it. My recommendation is, if you are not web dev or webware dev don't use this build. wait for beta 2. It seems that they changed the way in which IE renders the sites... unfurtanely there some sites with css 2.1 and webwares (in this case forums) in which IE8 fails poorly, but by beta 2 is expected to have the new rendering engine 90% working as can be read at msoft blogs. If you like firefox, good for you... if you like IE good for you... Honestly I don't see why this childish rage towards a software/webware.
  5. Look. I re-installed windows vista due this and then it worked perfectly. The problem is not of windows vista as it, because I was able to install all the updates after re-installing windows. I have my theories about what's happening, but I don't want to start blaming X software.
  6. IE7 > Firefox and Opera together. Just learn how to configure it for your needs. I can give you a few speed up tips and tweaks that will make firefox look like turtlefox. oh and i never had this problem with IE7.
  7. It would be nice if the next version of CCleaner is able to delete the Recent Items in windows vista (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent Items) and the downloads of windows updates (C:\Windows\softwaredistribution\downloads).
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