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  1. Hi, to wipe a drive can take hours, if you reboot Windows and forgot that the drive wiping process is still running in the background, windows should ask like in unsaved textdocuments, if you really want to reboot. At the moment windows reboots without asking. This is my suggestion/feedback for ccleaner. thx sharp
  2. i just installed CCleaner-2.03-slim. the yahoo! toolbar is away. but why can i choose from so many languages, untill now i thougt the slim-version is english only! can't understand the different filesize: standard 2,6 mb slim 600 kb the installer for yahoo! toolbar takes only 177 kb ...
  3. i would like to see a checkbox in the installer, that let me show the changelog/history file directly after installing the software. this would show the good quality of CCleaner. every good program has history/changelogs. especially CCleaner is a high piece of good coded software, with many updates / month. what do you think about it?
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