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  1. Well, I was not surprised to see that the 2.0 beta also crashes with the "wipe set to 3 bug". Something that has been reported to DEATH on this forum but STILL HAS NOT BEEN FIXED!!!!! I'm not sure why the author of this program refuses to fix this bug, I only assume they don't care. I'm not posting in the Subsection of bug reports because it has already been posted, with no fix or help in sight. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=10632 Well back to uninstalling 2.0 beta and DOWNGRADING to CCleaner 1.38.485 again. ... and I continue holding onto my $20 ..
  2. The last two versions of CClener (1.39) crash whenever the option of 'Secure File Deletion' is set. Version 1.38 works just fine with this option ... I was hoping this would be fixed in the latest release but the same crash happens. Please fix ...
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