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  1. I love my xbox 360. Good news for xbox fans is that MS is in the process of making those games work on the xbox one. I've played a bit of mass effect 1 and gears of war 2 on my xbox one and they both played the same as they did on the 360. Hopefully they keep getting the rights for games so they can make them work.
  2. Thanks, I love my job. To change the discussion a bit, the one linux distro I'm intrigued by is SteamOS. Its a gaming centered distro made by valve the makers of Steam. Its supposed to be a free OS to run steam games. I wish it was functional because it would make it easy to build gaming capable PCs without investing in windows. (which would put the prices of these PCs around the same as say an xbox or playstation). The problem is that the graphics drivers on linux are considerably slower than on windows. On top of that most games do not support linux and the ones who do don't perform as well on windows. Just kind of a mess all around.
  3. I just got a killer deal on a dslr camera. I got a nikon d3300 brand new with 2 lenses for under $200. I have a 55-100mm lens and a 55-200mm lens. I have no idea what I'm going to do with this thing but I've always liked the idea of having a nicer camera. Currently I just use my iphone to take pictures but I do actually have a nice older sony point and shot (hx5v). I'm going to read some tutorials and play with it this weekend. My wife and I are actually going to take a weekend trip to the beach so we can take some nice pictures with it. Anyone got any tips for learning how to take advantage of a dslr. I know nothing. I put every camera I use on auto mode and just hope for the best. Recommend any websites for tutorials, any accessories, whatever. I'm excited to play with this thing but its also a little intimidating.
  4. To be honest I'm not super concerned with privacy anymore. I use chrome, google mail, drive, ect. I use facebook, instagram, ect. Plus every website I've ever used has been hacked at one point or another. I keep my passwords as random as possible but there doesn't really seem to be much users can do if they use the internet when it comes to privacy. My concern with people saying they are giving up windows is where do they plan to go. Honestly most people probably won't move to anything else that looks anything like windows. I'm a high school teacher, I see kids all day long that can barely use computers, but they can use android/ios better than I can. They know all the ins and outs. Ask them to reformat a hard drive or troubleshoot a driver issue on a pc and they wont have a clue what to do. This is concerning to me because there are just things you cant do effectively right now on these mobile devices. I don't think linux is a viable alternative. I've never gotten a linux distro to just work. In the old days it was always video/sound drivers. Now that intel has pretty much taken over the laptop/desktop market you don't have as much issue with those. But laptop drivers are still a problem on every machine I've ever tried. I currently have a dell, but I also have a pretty high end asus that I tried ubuntu on last year and it was a total mess as well. I've had better success on desktops but even then things like suspend/resume will often not work or the computer will randomly download a kernal update that messes something up. I hate the auto updates on windows 10 but since the first service pack windows 10 has been rock solid. I just reinstalled on my laptop and it is working great after auto downloading all the drivers. Only thing I had to download manually were a few dell utilties to control keyboard lighting/mouse pad. This computer shipped with windows 8 and it could not do that. I get the hate for windows 8, but not really 10. It is basically windows 7 but with a less outdated interface. I dont think I've ever opened up the windows store or any of the mobile apps built into it. The great thing is your not really forced to use them, just unpin them from the start menu and ignore them.
  5. Login123 what don't you like about windows 10? Just curious. I just reinstalled windows 10 from scratch on my laptop. Within about an hour I already had it installed, it even installed all the proprietary dell drivers on its own. The system is already back to the way it was. (admittedly the only software I install is office, chrome, and Spotify now a days) Windows 10 was a little buggy at first but its been solid for a while now. My only gripe is the auto update thing but there are ways around that when necessary.
  6. I don't know when I'm gonna learn. I tried this release of ubuntu on my dell laptop. (Inspiron 13 7000 2 in 1) Laptop is pretty nice with a core i7, 8gb ram, 256gb ssd. Anyway as soon as the system booted the fans were running constantly and the computer felt much warmer than it ever did in windows. I'm guessing poor fan/power management. Battery life was about half of what it should have been. On top of that I couldn't install chrome from the website using the .deb file because the new program installer is broken. Looked it up tons of people have that issue. I'm pretty much done with linux( i say this every time) but windows is worth $100 or whatever it costs because it just works most of the time. If I was truly looking to get rid of windows I would probably move over to a chromebook or an iPad. I have my eye on this chromebook: http://www.technobuffalo.com/2016/05/01/hp-chromebook-13-core-m/ Just not sure I'm willing to drop $600 on it. It has a 4k screen though which would be awesome for browsing/watching videos. On the other hand I could just buy a nice 4k monitor for that I guess.
  7. At this point your lucky if one of the websites you use hasn't been hacked. I just make sure I use 2 factor authentication everywhere and change my passwords regularly.
  8. If anyone has a xbox one/PS4/gaming pc and likes shooting games you need to try the division this weekend. They have a beta on all platforms that anyone can play. I've already played through the story missions and it is a lot of fun. You can customize your armor, weapons, and your base. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy this the day it comes out, it is a lot of fun. I played it on the xbox and the pc and surprisingly it looked about as good on the xbox one as it did on my pc.
  9. So I've been playing with the new content blocker settings for iOS. I have to say it's a game changer. Before this I was using chrome on my iOS devices because it synced across all my devices. I still have chrome on my iPad/iPhone when I need to go to specific sites but now I'm actually using safari because it can block ads with plug ins. I started out using the free one from the guys who make Adblock on Chrome/Firefox but now I'm using one called Crystal. It was $1 and well worth it. Now sites that were unusable on mobile(ever experienced the floating ad you can't close?) work like they should. I would recommend you try these out if you use iOS.
  10. Behind MGSV this is probably my favorite game that came out this year. (Might even by my favorite) It is a lot like the reboot but I think the story is better. The graphics are great, maybe the best looking console game right now(I played on xbox one, its also on 360). As far as game play is a lot like the last game but you get more upgrades for your weapons, skills, and the tomb sections are actually fun. The tombs have some pretty creative puzzles and you get nice skill upgrades for completing them.
  11. Here is mine. I already played through the main story for Rise of The Tomb Raider and I plan on finishing up all the side quests I missed over Christmas break.
  12. My laptop wasn't vulnerable. I'm pretty sure my laptop had that program on it when I got it but I uninstalled all of the dell programs when I got it. Only thing I have on here by dell is "Dell System Detect" which is used to update drivers online. My laptop is from earlier this year. Dell Inspiron 13 7352, came with windows 8 but now runs windows 10. I've been very happy with this laptop. Its fast, well made, and gets pretty good battery life. I have the I7 version. This was a bonehead move by dell but its nowhere near as bad as Lenovo. I was actually looking at a pretty nice thinkpad when that scandal happened and went with this dell instead.
  13. I like this update a lot. They fixed the ugly window borders. You can now add color to them so they are so flat and white:
  14. I didn't have the ergonomic MS board but I had this: http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-2LF-00001-Wireless-Desktop-800/dp/B003SVSJ1K Pretty sure I like the microsoft better.
  15. I paid $60 for the logitech I have now. Regular price is about $130. I definitely wouldn't have paid full price but it was considerably cheaper than all comparable keyboard with the same switches. I'm still just experimenting with it for now. Haven't made a final verdict yet. Its definitely well made and the backlighting looks nice even if I don't really notice it when I'm actually using it.
  16. this keyboard I have definitely clicks... loudly. This isn't the same keyboard I have but it is the same switches that are inside my keyboard Skip to about 1:40 just to hear him press the keyboard: Its not distracting/annoying to me as I always wear headphones when I'm on the computer but I bet my wife would probably be annoyed if she was in the same room while I was typing. I've always heard people say its easier to type on/more comfortable. I can type pretty fast and I dont feel like this is any different than my old keyboard as far as ease. I'm going to keep it a few more days and see if I can adjust to it.
  17. So this week I got my first mechanical keyboard. I got a logitech g710 with cherry mx blue switches. I got a good deal on it so I figured I would give it a shot. I don't really use a keyboard/mouse to game(I use a xbox one controller) so I was mostly interested in it for typing. I had always heard that mechanical keyboard were easier/better to type on. So I was interested considering I spend quite a lot of time typing papers/making stuff in MS Word/Powerpoint. I gotta say I'm not that impressed. The tactile feel of the keys clicking and the sound was neat at first but I'm not convinced I like this any better than the cheap wireless combo I had before.(a microsoft one I got for $20) I've only had it 3 days but I'm considering getting rid of it. I'll probably use it another day or so to make sure I don't like it.
  18. I bet these companies are hurting. Most users with windows 7 on are probably just using the built in windows defender. Even if its not as good MS doesn't prompt you to download anything else like they used to. Probably are having to resort to new ways to make money.
  19. Its definitely not for everyone. However if you rely on google, apple, or microsoft services, it makes those services more customized to you.
  20. Its not just about ads. Its a combination of ads, web sites visited, emails, and location data. Perfect example is google now. I let google know all of my searches, map destinations, emails, and videos watched. Now with the google now app they tell me quicker ways to get to work, restaurants that I may like when I travel, times that my planes leave, ect. The more data I give them the more services they provide me. With microsoft its less useful to me since I don't use bing or their maps or email. However they are trying to offer something like google now with cortana.
  21. Never! I'm a smart man, I dont start fights that can be avoided. However I will never forget about 6 years ago when we were still dating and she borrowed my new(to me) car that I just got from carmax. She took it to a bank and the window fell into the door. She called me super upset because she thought I was going to be mad, I was more shocked that she was so upset and to this day I always take the blame when stuff breaks.
  22. So my wife was using my pc to play the sims 4 and it crashed. I turned it back on and graphics card isn't being detected anymore. Took the card out and there is a white corrosion like material on some of the capacitors on the back of the card. I'm going to have to get it replaced, luckily its still under warranty but now I cant play metal gear for a few days. Never done an RMA with XFX before, hopefully they are quick.
  23. I've been having an issue with the latest build of chrome. If I used the snap feature on windows 10(drag windows to be side by side) Chrome would be completely unusable because it wouldn't respond to any input. I've been living with it by just manually resizing widnows until I got the set up I wanted. However I just found a solution to the bug which is pretty simple, just use an alternate theme. I always just used the default chrome theme. I found this one called carbon which looks pretty good on windows 10 and fixes the issue with snap: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/black-carbon-%20-silver-met/lodhggoaglindpoejnjldimdlikkphph?hl=en
  24. I feel like the difficulty does ramp up around mission 12. Still not super hard but it does get harder to stay stealthy.
  25. The hospital scene was odd. It did pick up right after ground zeros but the rest of the story I've seen so far could have been done without it. I don't mind the weapon creation too much as it seems like you always have an abundance of money. I've been fultoning everything I see so I have actually started to unlock quite a bit of weapons and even a sneaking suit.
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