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  1. I think when it comes to OEM windows machines there are really only two companies whose hardware I like (talking about laptops): Dell and Lenovo. The XPS line from dell and the thinkpad line from lenovo are probably the best built windows machines out there. For the last few years I've built my own windows desktops but on that front I always buy gigabyte or asus motherboards and intel i5/i7 processors. (I have my eye on AMD Ryzen though.) I tend to prefer Nvidia GPUs. My current pc has a GTX 1080 and my wifes has a 1060. Both great cards more than capable of playing any game. Above everything I will not use a windows computer desktop or laptop without an SSD. Once you have a pc that turns on and loads instantly it is impossible to go back. On phones/tablets I'm all in on iOS. It's simply the most stable and user friendly OS for that right now. Also Apple has the best hardware in this area.
  2. Never heard of this program before. Read a little about it on their website and it seems pretty cool. What exactly are they doing to optimize this browser for AMD vs Intel. It doesn't really explain the difference and every program I've ever seen listed as x64 just says AMD 64 bit because of the architecture. Seems a little late to try it now though.
  3. Could you have accidentally removed something crucial to the system. Like a driver? There is no real way for us to know. If this was my system and since its brand new I would just restore it. I looked for the command on your pc and couldn't find it. Best guide I could find was this: https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1013965 But that doesn't tell you how to enter into the recovery mode and every laptop is a little different. There should be a prompt at the bios portion of the system start up. It will usually be a white line of text at the bottom of the screen that says press F whatever to boot to recovery.
  4. What browser is it built off of. From what I saw on their website it says its specifically built into avast so you cannot use it without installing their AV. (which I haven't used in a long time) I don't really have any opinions on the practice of this other than the fact that they are probably making money off your search data/ads/ect. Which if your privacy focused may be an issue but your probably not any more at risk than having google making money off you instead with chrome. The benefits are that it probably scans your file downloads/websites visited with whatever hooks it has into the browser.
  5. Its not just apple though. All of the major manufacturers are making their phones this way, google, samsung, LG. They are making them thinner and thinner in the guise of making people think they are higher quality. I personally would want a thicker phone with a massive battery inside.
  6. I was actually scared of that happening. I literally used a putty knife to pry the battery out of the phone when I screwed up pulling the glue out. Luckily I got it out without any issues other than some foul language and a lot of aggravation.
  7. Not sure I get what your saying. If your saying that an iPhone is the same as any other phone then I will have to disagree. I've used a lot of different phones there are tons of reasons I stick with iOS for my phone/tablet. I do not use a Mac computer though.
  8. I keep hoping MS is going to back pedal on the auto updates on windows 10. I cant stand the fact that it auto updates drivers. Seriously the worst idea they have ever had. Why update drivers on machines that are working fine, especially laptops that have notoriously finicky hardware once you start updating their drivers.
  9. I changed the battery is a friends iPhone 6 last year. It was without a doubt one of the worst things I've ever tried to take apart. The glue/tape thing they put on the battery was super hard to get off, I was worried I was going to break the battery trying to get it out. Luckily I did get it out and the phone was fine when I put it back together. I currently do the plan where I just trade my phone in ever year and get a new one, I will not try to fix another iphone. The worst practice is on the iPad. The fact that the screens are glued to the glass makes them super hard to repair, I wouldn't want to fix those ever.
  10. Not sure if anyone else would be interested but the newest humble bundle has some pretty neat pc apps: https://www.humblebundle.com/pc-lovers-software-bundle They usually do video games/cell phone games but this month it has a bunch of pc utilities instead.
  11. Not sure about now but years ago HP had literally the worst drivers I have ever seen for any hardware product. I now use a brother laser printer and I don't think I've used anything but 3rd party cartridges. I do have my eye on one of these though: https://www.amazon.com/Epson-Expression-Supertank-Smartphone-Refillable/dp/B01122JHMG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1474756599&sr=8-2&keywords=eco+tank+printer They supposedly come with about 2 years worth of ink and then the refills are pretty cheap. If I could get one for about $150 I would be in for one. I don't print enough to justify a $300 printer.
  12. I downloaded Mint 18 and made a USB installer but it wouldn't boot on my system. Probably my GPU was the culprit (GTX 1080) but I didn't get any kind of interface to load after I selected to boot the live version. This pc is primarily a gaming PC so I may try it on another pc later but I doubt it.
  13. Pretty soon you will wonder how you ever lived without one Dennis! I'm an iPhone user now but I used android for years. My favorite app of all time is Waze (GPS app) its basically google maps but it factors in real time traffic updates, gives police warnings, and more. Completely free. Chrome is great on android/ios because it syncs your bookmarks, saved passwords, and browsing data so you can pick up where you left off on your pc. The last android phone I had was a galaxy s5. I didn't love samsungs default launcher so I used something called nova launcher which changes your phone to be more like stock android. There is also a google launcher which is great too(and free).
  14. I guess I've got a simpler set up. I've pretty much transitioned to a cloud centered model of computing, even on my desktop/laptop. All of my files are on google drive in neatly organized folders. All of my browser settings are synced within chrome, my office software is just ms office 365 which I can download/install on pretty much any computer I want and then uninstall(really just unauthorize) as much as I want, all of my video games are in steam/origin/ect (even save files are in cloud), spotify has all my music(i don't bother with local files anymore except to listen offline on my phone), ect. I use about 6 devices regularly every day(my main desktop, laptop, iphone, ipad, work desktop, and work chromebook) not counting the other computers that I have set up but do not use regularly. I like that I can simply log into chrome and then pretty much everything else takes care of itself after I log into a few services. I can literally sit down at a new computer and have everything I want exactly how I want in less than an hour. I get the appeal of the image back ups but those are singular to one device. My system allows me to transition from device to device without carrying around any cds/usb drives/ect. Also keeping image back ups of multiple devices seems like it would be a hassle. I don't really spend anytime backing things up at all, its just done as I use the computer. Anyway thats just what works for me.
  15. Here is mine. I recently upgraded my gaming pc so I've been playing The Division since I have a few weeks off work for the summer.
  16. I've never been a fan of image back ups. I would rather just reinstall the OS, ect. I do however keep multiple copies of my data(pictures, documents, ect.) I use Google Drive pretty much exclusively for that now. I pay $10 a month for 1TB of back up space. I used to use one drive, dropbox, and others but I prefer Google now. It just seems to work without issues and is available on the most devices. I do still use one drive occasionally though because its free with my office 365 account. I probably could go back to it now that they fixed the windows client in windows 10 but I hated how it worked in windows 8 and haven't switched back yet. (Office 365 personal gets you 1TB one drive space plus full office apps. Probably the best deal around right now for $70 per year) I do keep back ups on local hard drives as well but that is more for just piece of mind.
  17. I usually use the built in windows tool. I have also used live linux usb drives of gparted too: http://gparted.org/ Its pretty great and can work with file systems that windows will sometimes have issues with. Just have to be careful because it doesn't have the same safe guards the windows one has. You can literally do anything to the drive with it and you wont get any warnings. But it does work great.
  18. I forgot about Mass Effect. I have replayed the first 3 multiple times. I was a little let down with what they showed of that game, its not coming out until next year but it seems like they could show more game play.
  19. What are you guys liking at the E3 show? So far the coolest stuff to me has been: God Of War 4 Gears of War 4 Zelda Breath of the Wild Horizon Zero Dawn I'm also interested to see what that new XBOX looks like next year. They are claiming 6 teraflops on the GPU which puts it around a gtx 980 TI. That is some serious GPU power and makes me wonder if they can really get that into a small console. AMD must have some much beefier GPUs coming out next year because they don't really have anything this powerful right now. Makes me wonder if I should still jump on a gtx 1080 or not once I can find a nonreference card.
  20. So I have been on the hunt for weeks/months for good wireless headphones. I've tried various models: Altec Lansing Freedom earbuds(Wouldn't stay in when running. Cool wireless design), Jaybird Wireless X2(really hard to get adjusted, sounded good but not comfortable), and Beats wireless earbuds(didnt like the over ear design and read lots of reviews saying they broke easily, I didnt keep them long enough to find out.) Let me preface this by saying that I got these for exercise. I do about 2 hours on an elliptical machine each day and I also run two miles on a track each day as well. Anyway the model that I got a few days ago are by far the best I've ever used. They are the Bose Sound Sport Wireless. Only downside was the cost, $150 but that is not much more than other nice ear buds for exercise. (I have the wired version of these as well and I think I paid about $130 for them at the time). They sound as good as the wired version, they pair effortlessly with both my iphone and ipad. Also they dont fall out on the elliptical or when running. As far as build quality goes they seem as good as the wired version which I've had for over 3 years. Those ear buds have gone through rain, lots of sweat, and lots of abuse. I expect the same out of these. If you are interested in wireless ear buds, these are the ones to get in my opinion.
  21. I'm getting a gtx 1080 this Friday if they are still available at microcenter. I upgraded my i5 4590 to i7 4790k this weekend and bumped up my ram to 16gb. I'm ready because I really think I may get an oculous or vibe this summer. This mid generation upgrade is making me sour on the consoles. I usually just get them all eventually but I refuse to upgrade them all. If I'm going to be doing regular updates I would rather do that on pc.
  22. The good thing about the current consoles is that they are basically computers. Both xbox one and ps4 are x86 based which should mean that as long as the new consoles are the new games should just work with them. Of course that is what the companies are claiming now. I get so aggravated with having to buy games multiple times if I want to play them on a different system. I love my ps3 and xbox 360 but I think the new controllers are better on both platforms. I would much rather play my old games on the ps4 and xbox one.
  23. Thanks for the link Dennis. I've been playing with the camera all week and it is pretty cool. I really like the 200mm lens and how far it can zoom and still look perfect. I wasn't really aware that dslr cameras could auto focus. Once I figured that out the rest was pretty simple to get working. I still have to learn the more complex parts of using the camera but the photos I have taken look pretty good. Here is one my wife took of our cat:
  24. I've never had a console break on me. I still have my original xbox 360 which isn't a launch one but it is the original white one. I'm not sure if I will upgrade any of my consoles or not. NVIDIA just announced new graphics cards that are pretty impressive. Price wise it would be cheaper to buy the new gtx 1070 and it will probably beat the ps4 neo. I'm going to wait a while though as my current pc is still pretty impressive on most games. I'm just not thrilled with the idea of upgrading consoles regularly. The good thing about consoles is you buy one and you were supposed to be good for 5+ years. Now they are going to upgrade them like cell phones or tablets.
  25. For the gamers on the forum, what do you think about Microsoft and Playstation possibly putting out new versions of the ps4/xbox one already? Rumors are saying that they may come out this year and be as much as twice as powerful as the current consoles? Personally I'm not thrilled. I already own both the ps4 and xbox one. I doubt I will upgrade either though as my pc is already better than both. The one thing that could make me upgrade is if they do something really cool with VR. Even then though by the time I bought a console and the VR headset I could just buy the Oculus Rift and use it on my pc. (probably more games there anyway).
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