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  1. Ok, so I decided to try chrome out again. I installed an extension called click and clean. On the extension page it mentions having a malware scanner, but I don't see it mentioned anywhere in the settings? The extension is clunky and bloated, but it does what I want it to do.(clean chrome on exit) Also to the people who use WOT, what are the downsides of not logging in? I assume I just can't rate websites right? I don't really want to create an account.
  2. I think the concern is more with the lack of security updates and keeping it usable on future version of Mac/Linux/Windows. I haven't used thunderbird in quite a while because of Windows Live Mail.
  3. rridgely

    Nexus 7

    Anyone else planning on getting a nexus 7 tablet? http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/29/3125034/google-nexus-7-review Quad core processor, nvidia graphics, beautiful HD screen all for $200?
  4. I don't use thunderbird but I thought this article might be important to some of you: http://www.engadget.com/2012/07/06/mozilla-giving-thunderbird-the-effective-axe/ I'm not really surprised by this move. The vast majority of people use either a phone or the web based interface of their email provider to check their email. I still use a client to send and sort my email on my PC but 99% of the time I check my email on my phone.
  5. Anyone use the 64bit version of IE9 as their regular browser? I know when it came out it pretty much got overlooked because adobe hadn't put out version of flash and java for it. I just noticed on filehippo that their are now official versions available for it.
  6. I haven't tried Maxthon in a long time. They have a lot of "social features" integrated into the browser that I don't really care for. I would probably avoid it to be honest.
  7. My avatar is Sheppard from Mass Effect 3. http://en.wikipedia....i/Mass_Effect_3 ----------------------------- I downloaded windows 8 and put it on my laptop. I'm VERY dissapointed. Windows 7 is the best OS I've ever used. It fixed everything that was wrong with Vista and was rock solid. Windows 8 has the worst UI design possible for a laptop. It actually took me a minute to figure out how to get to the control panel.( You have to right click within those tiles to get an all applications menu). Its really strange how its almost like you have 2 opperating systems installed. For instance if you change a setting in the desktop mode version of IE it doesn't change it in the metro or tile version.Who thought having menus that only show up when you hover over corners of the screen was a good idea? The only thing I really liked was how when I entered in my live ID that my email, zune pass, and calendar were instantly integrated into the OS. I actually use MS services for my email, calandar, music, skydrive ect full time. It kinda worries me that I don't like this. I don't really see any reason for someone who isn't invested into the MS ecosystem to swtich. I think this could be a pretty cool tablet OS, but for getting real work done its going to be a failure if they don't integrate some kind of classic mode.
  8. http://www.engadget.com/2012/07/02/microsoft-announces-39-99-windows-8-pro-upgrade-offer-for-most/ I think this is going to be huge. I was deffinitely going to need an incentive to upgrade my computers from 7 to windows 8. Having it be this cheap might just do it. I'm going to download the release preview soon and give it a shot.
  9. I just was trying to get a sign of life on the forum. I have actually been trying browsers for the last two days. I just downloaded the latest version of seamonkey which I hadn't used in probably 2 years or more. Its kind of a mix between the newest version of firefox and netscape navigator. Really odd program by todays standards.
  10. Had to look that one up andavari. What do you like about it over plain Firefox?
  11. I thought this could be an interesting topic to get people arguing. What web browser do you use 99.99% of the time and why? I personally use firefox most of the time still. I do use IE every once in a while though. I do not use chrome because I don't like the fact that it doesn't have an option to clear my browser history on exit without an extension. I personally cant stand having a ton of options start popping up everytime I type into the address bar.
  12. I don't think windows xp included dvd playback by default. I'm pretty sure a lot of prebuilt computers included it with programs like power dvd, but everyone else got it through things like codec packs and even VLC. I cant remember the last time I played a dvd in my computer. Even my HTPC is just used to play ripped dvds which would work fine without the codec(h.264)
  13. Not sure I get why they would buy a browser anyway? I think IOS, Android, and Windows phone all have facebook "apps". Why would they need a browser for people to connect to facebook?
  14. True, I guess I should have said this was perfect to suplement Security Essentials which is already free(and probably on most Windows 7 PCs through auto updates by now) I haven't used an AV other than Security Essentials since Windows 7 came out.
  15. I'm generally against paying for antivirus but I found this to be too good to pass up: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832562001 $23 for a lifetime subscription to malware bytes. This is one of the few AV programs I feel is worthy of monetary support and under 25 for lifetime support is crazy cheap.
  16. Most computer shops(in the US anyway) want you to be certified for something like Comptia A+ at a minimum: Most businesses don't want a 18 year old kid with no experience working on their computers. You need to start out with a job which requires no experience first. Get a job at a restauraunt, retail store, or manual labor. This job is going to suck but all first jobs do.
  17. If the powersupply doesn't work I would examine the motherboard. See if any of the caps are broken/leaking.
  18. How old are you? I fail to believe that a college aged person thought you could go into a potential employer and tell them what hours you expected to work. I doubt your going to get a job repairing computers without the proper certifications first. You should start out at a grocery store or something.
  19. I'm not sure if I'm gonna upgrade to windows 8 or not. All the articles I've read say that there is little reason to upgrade from 7. I'm deffinitely going to get a windows 8 tablet if they can bring the price down on the intel powered ones.
  20. You want to spend $5000 on a pc but wont spend 20 minutes looking at a link about people building high end PCs? I obviously didn't want you to read every single topic, but if you spent more than 2 seconds reading that site you would see that there are tons of people trying to build the "best pc" for their budget. You need to decide what you can spend first and then go from there. Prices change every day and the people on Toms always post the best deals at any given time in those threads. However since you mentioned it, I suggest you get a job first....
  21. This is such a broad question. My answer is that you can get a PC at whatever price you want, start with what you want the computer to do. You can get a very capable gaming pc under $1000 or you can go top of the line and pay 5-6 thousand. Your going to have to decide that. I suggest you do some browsing on this forum: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/forum-31.html You will see tons of people asking this same question and lots of different answers. Tom's Hardware also has a lot of benchmarks and "budget" ideas to help you decide what you should spend to get the results you want.
  22. Wrecking Ball is an amazing album. Its the first thats come out in a few years that I can let play start fo finish without skipping any songs. Here is the set list from the Springsteen concert: 1. We Take Care of Our Own 2. Wrecking Ball 3. Badlands 4. Death to My Hometown 5. My City of Ruins 6. The E Street Shuffle 7. Jack of All Trades 8. Seeds 9. EASY MONEY 10. Waitin’ on a Sunny Day 11. The Promised Land 12. The Way You Do the Things You Do 13. 634-5789 14. Shackled and Drawn 15. LONESOME DAY 16. The Rising 17. We Are Alive 18. Thunder Road 19. Rocky Ground 20. Land of Hope and Dreams 21. BORN TO RUN 22. DANCING IN THE DARK 23. AMERICAN LAND 24. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Whole concert was amazing. I was surprised how well the new stuff fit in with the old. I saw him about a day after St. Patricks Day, it was pretty fun that a lot of Wrecking Ball has an Irish feel to it. Probably my favorite new song:
  23. I was lucky enough to get to attend the Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds concert this past Friday night! I had awesome seats! Was a pretty great show. He played a lot of Oasis songs and then pretty much his whole solo album. Favorite song of the night was definitely Little by Little: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=AJIOYWDwwwo I've never been in such a small venue as where I saw this show. My ears are still ringing! I cant say this was the best concert I've seen this year though.... Saw Springsteen a few weeks ago and he was FANTASTIC! He played for about 3 and 1/2 hours and his new CD sounded amazing live. Best concert I've ever been to bar none! (Well.. Saw McCartney a few years ago... tough call.)
  24. http://liliputing.com/2012/01/how-to-install-android-4-0-on-the-hp-touchpad-cyanogenmod-9-alpha.html Touch pad users should check this out. This adds tons of functionality to the touch pad. Everything works great accept the camera. HD video works great. You can get tons of apps not on web os and way more free apps. I wasn't using my touch pad accept to read news and watch videos. This allowed me to do way more.
  25. I'm SUPER excited! Bruce Springsteen is coming here in March! I can't wait. I'm deffinitely going! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYPSZiE0OAs I got tix to see Noel Gallagher in April and now Springsteen in March!
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