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  1. I do the following before defragging every 2 months or so: 1 Run CCleaner to reduce clutter. 2 Run Ntregopt, which optimizes (compact) registry hives. 3 Back up the registry using Erunt. 4 Kill all non-essential running tasks (including browser, utilities, firewall, anti-anything stuff), based on the assumption that active files and programs can't be defragged. 5 Run Defraggler. 6 Run PageDefrag NOTES I've used CCleaner since way back and recently started using Defraggler -- and I've noticed substantial system (XP) and browser (Firefox) speed increases. Correct usage of Defraggler's free space defrag options seems to contribute substantially to its overall efficiency. --- http://docs.piriform.com/defraggler/using-...pace-on-a-drive http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinte...s/bb897426.aspx http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/ http://www.online-tech-tips.com/free-softw...-in-windows-xp/
  2. andries

    Swap File

    All sorts of data can be extracted from the swap file, no matter what else you wipe. An option to wipe this system file would make CCleaner even better. Any support for this suggestion?
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