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  1. Hi Sorry for not replying sooner but I've been offline for a while. 1.38.485 worked fine deleting about 170mb in about 30 secs. I just upgraded to 1.40.520, and although possibly faster than than 1.39.520, it still took 77 secs to clear 50meg. As I usually leave it until about 150meg plus, I'm not sure how useable it will be. I'll post again in a couple of weeks or so. Sorry I didn't retry with 1.39.520, but I've got pretty stingy download limits, and I didn't keep the old install file. No new software added recently, not even XP updates from what I can recall. AVG updates daily, b
  2. OK I uninstalled the latest version, installed 1.38.485 and everything seems back to normal. Cleaning 0 mb has gone from 24 seconds with the new version to 0.7 secs with 1.38.485 - same settings (secure deletion 1 pass). I guess I'll have to wait a few days before I've built up enough crap to know for sure, but that seems to have fixed it for now. Assuming all stays OK, I guess I'll just skip 1.39.502 and update again when that's superceded. I wonder if the guy who's posting about his first run has the same issue?
  3. Hi there Thanks for the quick reply. When I try to download an earlier version the link takes me to the current version, unless I'm missing something obvious. (edited - I was - now downloading OK) And yes I've never uninstalled the old version before updating. Any hints on rolling back would be gratefully received. I'm running XP home, as far as I can tell fully up to date.
  4. Hi all I've been using versions of CC for a couple of years now on 4 different computers, and it's always worked fine. Since I updated to the latest version though, the time taken to run through has gone from a couple of minutes max to over 20 minutes. Even when I rerun straight away, it takes several minutes to run through. I usually run it about once a week or so, and it usually clears roughly 200meg of crap. The amount cleared hasn't changed. Nothing else has changed and my lappie is working fine with every other application. Is it possible to download an earlier version? Any o
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