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  1. you could try nLite, i've looked into trying it but i've never got round to it. its avalable here: http://www.nliteos.com and in vista: http://www.vlite.net/ (still in testing) both are completely free! hope that helped jb88
  2. It may speed it up but i managed to ruin 2 drives in one week! i recomend no but if you decide to do so do a backup before you defrag it (or just move all data off to a hdd then back on it then back on it, removes fragments (safer)
  3. i leave my computer on hibernate, advantages of standby, power saving advantage of no electricity usage, with twice weekly reboot
  4. my dell story: i bought a laptop for school becuase of my bad handwriting to keep all my files in one place, it lasted allmost one year to the day, phoned up dell tech support and told them about the problem, discribed the problem with the laptop, they told me that the motherboard was broken, they had to talk to parts supply for a cost of a new one because (best bit) IT WAS GENERAL WARE AND TARE and was not covered by warranty, so can someone tell me how something that needs a new motherboard be classed as general ware and tare!!! Origional latptop price ?350 Replacement Motherboard cost ?350! shove reparing the laptop, buy a new one!
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