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    cleaning registry

    I used system restore because my system did not work properly anymore after letting cc remove the type lib references. In the past I also had problems when file extensions, that were actually used were removed from the registry, particularly with items refering to system maintenance etc. For instance the necessary link for using the performance check did not work anymore. Aside from these problems I like the program. Thanks. Nico
  2. nico

    cleaning registry

    Dear Hazelnut, Thanks! I'll wait for the outcome. Nico
  3. nico

    cleaning registry

    Dear Andavari, I know I can disable the detection of type Libraries and unused file extensions. For the file extensions I did do this already. However, that does not change the fact that CCleaner makes mistakes in this area and therefore can not fully be used anymore to clean up your registry. I was hoping for a solution that would take care of the problem instead of taking care of the sympton. SHould I bring this up as a suggestion for a new release maybe? Thanks for your answer, which at least confirmed that there seems to be a problem in this area. Nico
  4. I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium on my present computer. When I'm using CCleaner to clean up the registry it seems to select far more entries than is safe. I had to switch back to a previous restore point already a few times. I did not have this problem under XP. The problem relates most of the time to file extensions and type lib references. Did anybody else experience this problem? Any solutions as I would like to continue to use CCleaner? Thanks in advance.
  5. I too have this problem. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. I only noticed it after installing the latest version. I'm using it on a computer with Windows Vista.
  6. When I try to check for an update of CCleaner through the button in the program it just starts up my webbrowser IE&. Within a few seconds the webbrowser closes down again and can not be used at that point in time. I also experience then problems while trying to use my other browser Firefox. They only start working properly again after a restart of the computer. This is happening under the current version, but it was already there under the previous 1.4 version. I'm running Viste Home Premium on my computer.
  7. Using it under Vista I run into the problem, that only the account of the administrator is being cleaned, as I always have to approve running the program by the password of the administrator. Is there a solution for this? Nico
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